trends i'm taking into 2019

new year, new wardrobe

statement earrings & flares


above: House of Cards turtleneck ($80), Ellery pants ($350), and Celine-esque mules ($65)

At the end of last year I attended an event that changed the trajectory of my life (and style) forever - The coveted Ellery warehouse sale. Lo and behold I’ve fallen in love with flares. There’s no going back at the point - I’m trying to track down discounted pairs where ever I can.

Why wear one statement piece in an outfit when you can wear two? Pair your flares with some statement earrings to really have jaws dropping!

above L-R: Jacquemus earrings, Marni earrings, and Ellery earrings

bold turtlenecks & platform brogues


Honestly I never had a problem with my height until I purchased some Stella McCartney platforms. At a comfortable 5 ft 5 inches I was almost more than comfortable with my slightly above average height. Now I’ll hardly be seen in flat shoes - the power those extra inches gives me is unparalleled. I love being taller than my man & constantly negotiating the obstacles of inner-city footpaths (sidewalks for my international readers).


Wow this is a throwback to my vegan, yoga-loving, namaste days! Thank god I opted for adorning myself in all tie-dye, rather than getting that ‘om’ tattoo on my ankle. Alas, this phase was many moons ago and there are no relics left in my wardrobe. This means I must invest in some new garbs. This time, I’ll be purchasing high-end pieces (heavily discounted) in the Net-a-Porter sale; rather than the local, musty hippy shop. Character development huh?

i try SIX new trends in ONE outfit - is this a recipe for disaster?

Can I pull off an outfit wearing: white stockings, velvet on velvet, bobby pins, cherries, a short-sleeve turtleneck AND sea shell accessories? Have a flick through the gallery below and let me know what you think. Did I nail this or was it an enormous faux-pas?

Keep reading to learn about more subtle ways to incorporate these new trends into your wardrobe; as well as why you should bother with them in the first place.

For some time now I’ve had a Pinterest board titled ‘white stockings’. When I first created it some months ago, pictures of white stockings on the runway and in editorials were super scarce. It was difficult to find a single runway photo that wasn’t Chanel or Miu Miu. Lo and behold two months after fashion week and my board is overflowing. Everyone is doing white stockings this season, from Off-White to Y/Project to Acne Studios. A trend I once thought was reserved for the twee Zoey Deschanels of the world, is taking over streetwear as we know it! I wasn’t as disgusted by the white stockings as I thought I would be. They did make my legs look extra chunky but I’m most certainly not complaining (nor is my boyfriend; yes he is black).

short sleeve turtleneck

I’m not sure what it was that prompted my turtleneck obsession but even the ‘seven steps’ couldn’t save me at this point. You’ll realise the predicament I’m in every summer - how can I still incorporate my number one wardrobe staple without boiling to death? The answer, it would seem, was right under my nose - short-sleeve turtlenecks! I tend to favour cotton over viscoe or anything synthetic for its breathability. However, I’m a super sweaty binch so it’s a precaution not everyone has to take! I’ve seen short sleeve turtlenecks popping up everyone recently - runways, editorials & street style. Nothing pleases me (or my fat neck I’m trying to hide) more. Jump on the bandwagon with me, I promise you won’t want to leave!

bobby pins

I’ve had my hair in a bob more or less my entire life so I’m not very well versed using bobby pins. I thought of them merely as a styling tool until they kept consistently popping up on my Pinterest feed. I soon realised the humble hair pin has far more potential and is starting to become a go-to trend. I thought ‘why not give it a try for myself’. To my surprise it helped create an entirely new look for me pinning the sides of my hair back. I opted for cherry bobby pins so I could kill two birds with one stone. I would highly recommend a fun, novelty version - I felt like a child again in the most fun way!

velvet on velvet

One of my most fond memories as a child was visiting the fabric store with my mother. She would leave me free to my own devices while she gossiped with the lovely store owner and I would choose the fabrics & buttons I wanted for my newest ensemble. I think that early childhood really is where the precedent was set for my fashion expectations. Imagine having a wardrobe full of bespoke garments you’d dreamed up yourself for 18 years and then trying to navigate adulthood & budgeting. Needless to say my taste has not cheapened and my bank account has been well and truly emptied.

Velvet and tulle were ALWAYS my go to fabrics. I loved each for different reasons - velvet for it’s soft, cushiony feeling and tulle for the shapes it allowed me (or should I say, my mother) to create. To this day I find there to be something so comforting about wearing velvet and thus am OVERJOYED at the prospect of seeing it in stores everyone in the upcoming seasons.

Not only have I been seeing velvet everywhere, but I’ve been seeing velvet on velvet! Screw what they say, you really can’t have to much of a good thing!

sea shell accessories

This trend is giving me major ‘Birth of Venus’ vibes and I LOVE IT! I had slight apprehensions about trying this trend - it’s one thing for Chanel or Alexa Chung to pull it off, but for your average joe blow like me it’s a little more tricky. I had to be very careful it didn’t make me look like a surfer chick stuck in the early 2000s.


This trend first came onto my radar scrolling through depop. It’s very much in line with that tumblr ‘van gogh’ aesthetic from a few years ago. If you don’t know the one I’m talking about you probably didn’t have a mental illness & profile on the progressive platform in 2015 because it was EVERYWHERE!

When researching this trend I found it’s become a favourite of Parisian fashion bloggers recently. After Jeanne Damas and Life of Boheme sported cherries I didn’t need any more reasons to give it a try!

chit chatting with kacy heywood from ka-he

Kacy Heywood is at the helm of my new favourite fashion label Ka-He. After finishing this interview my admiration and love has increased tenfold; as well as my never-ending wishlist of Ka-He garments.

What can we expect from your new collection (SS18/19)? 

Expect beautiful soft silks, a little sports wear and denim. Something for everyday/mood.

Where in particular did you find the inspiration for this collection?

That is hard to say. I find inspiration with all my designs from everyday life. I might see a silhouette in the corner of my eye or get inspired by films. The philosophy based around ‘Comfortable Possession’ is from reflection of my own and peoples lives that are close to me. How we push our selves a little from our comfort zones and then it suddenly becomes familiar and comfortable. The first step with ‘growing’ your life can come from such a simple thing like dressing yourself. The pieces in this collection are not too outrages but they push them selves a little from the ‘norm’.


How would you say this collection differs from its predecessor, Sleep (AW18)?

This is my second ever Spring/Summer collection.  I have always been more inclined to create for winter. Also, for some reason I find this a difficult question to answer. Perhaps because all the designs have emerged from my brain and because they come from the same place they appear not to differ so much. The strongest difference is perhaps through the femininity in certain pieces such as The Jasmine Dress and the Dahlia Blouse and Skirt.


You’re throwing a fashion party soon, how do you balance organising this with creating an entire collection? Are you able to spread your time evenly across all facets of life or does it require certain sacrifices?

I was speaking to some one at a bar after the show. He was saying how being a creative can be challenging because you need to sacrifice some of your life for the love of it. I completely disagreed. I am not sacrificing anything because this is my life, it’s what gets me up in the morning. It takes every waking hour up and I am ok with that. In reflection on sacrificing with in Ka - He, it is a challenge doing it all on your own. Unfortunately the fashion industry is dominated by money. To give you insight - I sleep on the floor of my studio. I don’t come from money so things that I think would be better out sourced I sacrifice my time for and do them on my own. Small details, such as the packaging of each piece I think get missed because I run out of time or brain space for it. It is taking a lot of patience to grow!

image:  ka-he

image: ka-he


What keeps you going even when you face setbacks? How would you encourage others to pursue such a path & stay consistent?

What I am doing is completely selfish. I am doing it for myself and I can not see myself doing anything else. When there is ‘set back’, I think because I know this about myself, it now rolls off my back. Why should I let the world around me determine my life when I can determine it for myself!? When you are a ‘creative’ you will never be consistent. I think this is something you need to face and be ok with. We are not robots, we are humans. This is what makes the relationship between the consumer and the artist/designer a good one - where there is honesty there comes respect. To me my path seems like a rollercoaster and far from consistent but from an outsider it might appear different. I think if you would like to come down this wobbly road then you need to be doing it for your self or a cause greater, and not care what people say or think.


What’s your take on the Melbourne fashion scene?  Do you find yourself most inspired by local designers and those around you? Or do you tend to draw your inspirations elsewhere?

Hmmm, I feel like I do not know much about the Melbourne fashion scene. I am a kiwi and self taught so I have never really had the introduction to it - besides the little world I have created around myself. I am happy to see labels such as Corepret pop on the scene and put some fresh designer meat out there, and stores like Coco on Brunswick Street adding to the scene rather than copying it. Otherwise I am more inspired by offshore designers - mainly european.


If you had to sum up your fashion philosophy in one sentence what would it be?

Know the story behind what you wear and then make the decision on (why are you?) wearing it.




comfortable possession: ka-he ss18/19 launch

The setting for Ka-He’s SS18/19 collection launch was absolutely perfect, located in Small Talk event space, a converted warehouse off the bustling Johnston street in Abbotsford. Kacy Heywood, the designer at the helm of Ka-He, showcased her label’s exciting new offerings from ‘Comfortable Possession’.

Drinks were aplenty with complimentary beverages by McPherson Wines, Sailor Jerry, and Bodriggy Brewing Co. Patrons enjoyed the craft beverages while designer Kacy and the models added final touches to outfits and make-up backstage.

Red gladiator sandals & knee high socks dominated the runway, as well as bold emerald green silk and a dreamy floral pattern that captivated patrons. Were it not for the music, one would have been able to hear a pin drop - with the exception of regular gasps of admiration. The energy was excited and as always it was nice to see locals turning out to support one of their own.

While waiting for the models to walk I swapped stories with one patron about our love of Kacy’s work. She told an extraordinarily entertaining story of a crisp white Ka-He dress that she managed to spill butter chicken curry all down the front of. Miraculously the stain came out - she credits this to the exceptionally high-quality fabric that all Ka-He garments are crafted from. Hearing of this and seeing the new designs made me incredibly eager to get my hands on my very own piece of ‘comfortable possession’, something I’m sure to treasure & tell tales about.


above: Dahlia skirt and blouse with the Ka He loafer


above & below (right): The Aster Skirt/Top


above: designer Kacy Heywood wearing The Seventh Top

pastel yellow IS the new millennial pink: here's how to style it

with brown

Honestly if you’d asked me a year ago which two colours I’d be least likely to sport I’d have responded pastel yellow and brown. Alas, here we are - I’m in a position to spruik this colour combination’s fashion-forwardness. Luckily you don’t have to merely take my word for it, simply have a glance at the pictures above or the ones on this pinterest board and you’re bound to be adding these to your fikus-inspired outfit repertoire. I especially love a yellow dress or skirt layered with a brown sweater or jacket.

above L-R: Dolce & Gabbana sweater, Rick Owens Lilies sweater, and MaxMara sweater (use my link for $50 off your first purchase:

above L-R: MaxMara blazer, Barbara Bui blazer, and Alice + Olivia blazer

colour blocked with more pastel yellow

When you’re feeling extra bold (and your pockets extra full) it’s time to invest in a pastel yellow coat or jacket. You can begin sporting this atop an all yellow ensemble to catch maximum stares. You may receive the odd canary comment, but don’t worry honey you’re p-o-p poppin!

There’s something a little Paris Hilton about wearing the same coloured bag & clothing. I secretly love channeling my inner heiress. Say what you will, but girl had some MEMORABLE fashion moments. I know you can think of at least five off the top of your head. Investing in a pastel yellow bag may seem a little premature and risky to y’all but TRUST ME. This colour really, really is the new millennial pink and you’ll be so happy when you’re able to brag that you were ahead of the trend. Additionally it’s actually an incredibly versatile colour - you can match it to just as much as tan (if not more).

I always look upon the most recent Marni runways as some sort of holy testament - almost a comprehensive guide on how to approach upcoming trends I’m otherwise a little scared of. In this particular instance, with pastel yellow and baby blue, Marni has shown me that an all yellow outfit with a beautiful blue bag is the way to go.

above L-R: Prada dress, Coach x Baseman dress, and Dries van Noten dress

with a matching hat

Who doesn’t love a UV resistant fashion statement? There’s something super cute about matching your hat to the rest of your outfit. If you’re not quite game enough to sport yellow on yellow on yellow just yet, you can simply start by adding a yellow hat to your other outfits and work up to it. Once you’re comfortable with your new pastel yellow accessory, you’ll grow more and more experimental and be out-dressing your favourite fashionistas in no time!

three colour combos you MUST try asap

Honestly these are two very bold colours – pairing them together is a huge move but I can almost guarantee it’ll pay off.  This combination was seen quite a bit at Coppenhagen fashion week. Prhaps I’m biased as I’m one 60th Danish (aren’t all white Australians?) but the Danes are some of the most forward fashionistas on the planet (um Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen anyone?).

If you’re a little hesitant – ease into it by pairing navy with a burnt orange.  It’s still a gorgeous combination and you’ll become more comfortable experimenting in no time!

Find some more outfit ideas on this pinterest board!

above L-R: Tory Burch jacket, Tanya Taylor skirt, Junya Watanbe jacket, and Diane von Furstenberg dress (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

Recently I spent the bulk of my last $10 on an $8 purple turtleneck from a consignment store.  I was left with $2 to purchase dinner (canned chickpeas are my lifesaver) and seemingly nothing to pair my new sweater with.  I tried wearing it with a black skirt but it was too harsh of a juxtaposition.  Following this I thought blue jeans would surely be a match – alas no luck!

It was scrolling through the throes of pinterest, while having my gourmet meal of rice and sweet chilli sauce, that I came across the ultimate combination and my life saver – purple and brown!  Of course, why hadn’t I thought of that before. Now you can all learn from my mistakes and save yourself time & heartache. I’m like a modern day mother Teresa - with very expensive taste and no virginity.

Find some more outfit ideas on this pinterest board!

above clockwise starting top left: Prada shoes, Prada sunglasses, and Celine shoes(use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

above L-R: Proenza Schouler shoes, Marni jacket, and Emilio Pucci skirt (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

Maybe my admiration for this colour combination stems from intense nostaligia for Pheobe Philo’s CELINE – in particular this outfit from her last season.  Combining pastel yellow and baby pink reminds me of the queen’s rein at my favourite fashion house and feels like a nice way of paying homage.  The fashionable version of wearing black to a funeral.

Coming into summer in the southern hemisphere I look forward to sporting these fleshy colours at the beach and outdoors instead of actual very pale body.  I look so much like a piggy that there’s very little difference between pastel pink and my natural skin tone anyway.  Surely no one will notice!

Find more outfit ideas on this pinterest board!

above L-R: Tome blouse, Christian Lacroix skirt, Christian Dior sweater, and Prada dress (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

outfits inspired by my fav paintings

Nurse with baby, Zinaida Serebriakova


This beautiful picture gives me major Cecilie Bahnsen vibes. I love the femininity of the puffed sleeves. One of my favourite things about Bahnsen’s pieces is how maternal and cushiony they appear. I especially love certain quilted dresses of hers which somewhat resemble the most comfy blankets I’ve seen. I regularly fantasize about being wealthy enough to breastfeed my unborn bubbas in Cecilie’s creations. My poor babies are bound to inherit my chubby genetics, the least I can do for them is ensure they’re only ever exposed to haute couture so they can at least have their mumma’s impeccable eye for style.

above L-R: Cecile Bahnsen quilted dress, Rejina Pyo dress, and Cecile Bahnsen silk-tulle dress

Self portrait as a heel, Jean-Michel Basquiat


One of the most poignant things about Basquiat’s work is the exploration of the lens through which we see ourselves and how it can alter and our world perception. I think fashion is similar to self portraiture in many ways - you’re in complete control of curating the way others see and perceive oneself. I think once you come to terms with that control it opens various doors. Basquiat’s work always serves as a reminder about this power. It inspires me to make bold fashion choices and dress exactly how I want to be perceived: adventurous, timeless, extraordinarily memorable. It inspires me to purchase the statement pieces I’d otherwise be to nervous sport.

above L-R: Prada shoes, MM6 Maison Margiela, and Stella McCartney shoes

The Balcony, Rene Magritte


You know those weirdly morbid children you usually see in works of fiction? I was one of those. Not in the ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ killing the family pet kind of way, just in the dark humoured, slight obsession with death kind of way. I distinctly remember curating my own powerpoint presentation for my inevitable funeral at age 13.

To this day I still enjoy thinking about my own funeral. I like pondering who will be in attendance (Queen Elizabeth II surely) and what will be said in my obituary (most influential fashion designer of the 21st century).

This painting fills me with a sense of solidarity with all humanity - we have our mortality in common.

This painting inspires me to choose outfits I hope Alexa Chung, Harry Styles, and Young Thug will respectively don at my memorial service.

above L-R: Attico dress, A.W.A.K.E dress, and Rebecca Vallance open-back gown

The Flamingoes, Henri Rousseau


This artwork inspires my dress sense in a more shallow way than the others. I simply enjoy the colour palette of this piece, as well as the sense of calm it instills in me. While its important for my to explore my maternity and chaos, I also know there are certain times fashion should be simple, comfortable, and calm. What better way to achieve such sense of serenity than dressing in all pastels?

parisian chic on a budget

If there’s two things I happen to know a great deal about it’s: luxury shopping on a super small budget and emulating parisian chic style exceptionally skilfully. When you’re a broke binch like me consignment stores are your BEST FRIEND. I mean that both literally and figuratively - I can’t afford to be having drinks & brunch with friends when I’m this strapped for cash. If someone gave me an ultimatum between human interaction and preloved designer goods, catch me watching youtube alone in some vintage Prada.

The Real Real is the online consignment store of my dreams. Receive $25 off your first purchase when you use this link:


I remember when I was ten years old my favourite outfit was a pair of espadrilles with flared jeans and a lime green crop top. I thought it was the funkiest get up of all time. A binch was living in 2018 while everyone else was stuck in 2006.

Espadrilles are the perfect summer footwear - they allow premium breathability AND make day-to-night transitions super simple. Opt for a pair with a wedged heel for comfort and formality.

Pair your espadrilles with a long skirt or straight leg jeans with a button up blouse for optimum Parisian vibes.

Ah the versatility of a simple white blouse. The cornerstone to trans-seasonal layering; you’ll definitely get your bang for your buck with this piece. Layer over the top of your favourite turtleneck in winter, use it for coverage by the pool in summer.

above L-R: Catherine Malandrino blouse ($76 aud), Ralph Lauren blouse ($51 aud), and Elizabeth and James long sleeve blouse ($66 aud)

polo shirt

I’m slowly beginning to understand and appreciate the beauty of the humble polo shirt. So simple to style, yet such a big statement. This sun-safe bad boy is sure to become a staple in your French aesthetic wardrobe. Pair it with your beige trousers or a pleated skirt next time you head out for croissants and coffee - you’ll feel extraordinarily Parisian, I promise.

above L-R: Maison Kitsune polo ($109 aud), Dolce & Gabbana polo ($76 aud), and Sandro polo ($66 aud)

beige trousers

This is the one Parisian style staple I’m almost too daunted to try. Although their versatility speaks for itself, I feel as though it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off. The way I intend on approaching this challenge is to pair it with my favourite items I feel super comfortable and confident in.

above L-R: Nehera Pyro pants ($91 aud), Red Valentino pants ($36 aud), and Helmut Lang pants ($43 aud)

black lingerie

The best thing about lingerie is it adds extra oomph to your outfit even if it’s not visible. The confidence you’ll feel when you know you’re sporting it underneath is unparalleled. Catch me getting ready for every night out in black lingerie, listening to Drake.

You’ll never have to worry about translucent garments when you’re armed with cute black lingerie.

above L-R: Dolce & Gabbana slip ($148 aud), Agent Provocateur bra ($211 aud), and Vivien Ramsay bodysuit ($66 aud)

gold bracelet

Parisian girls are minimalists at heart. When doing your best French imitation favour simple jewellery, such as a singular, signature bracelet. Gold arm candy is the go-to for our favourite Frenchies - it pairs perfectly with a crisp white blouse and straight leg jeans.

above L-R: Miansai bracelet ($127 aud), Stephanie Kantis bracelet ($109 aud), and Eddie Borgo bracelet ($127 aud)

the three colours everyone will be wearing this season!

I truly am the last person on Earth who should be sporting this colour. I have blonde hair and possibly the palest, pinkest complexion possible. Yet after my Pinterest feed being bombarded with various street styles outfits featuring the hue I’m completely convinced.

If I of all people am willing to sport tis, you can too! It pairs almost perfectly with denim. Pastel yellow on pastel pink has become a fan favourite amongst the patrons of fashion month and a quick glance is more than enough to understand why.

Find more outfit ideas here!

above L-R: Chanel bag, Ganni top, and Hermes bag (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

kermit green

As a child I had an innate love for piggies, with this came an affection for any cartoon featuring swine. I developed a particular love for Miss Piggy and of course her beau, Kermit. Despite this admiration, never in a million years did I expect I’d be spruiking about the beautiful features of this colour and its surprising, unassuming versatility. Pair it with your favourite wicker bag for premium 70s vibes.

Find more outfit ideas here

above L-R: Cassin mink scarf, Michael Michael Kors clutch, and Alaia dress (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:


As much as it pains me to say it, I think Kylie Jenner may have singlehandedly rebirthed this trend at her 21st birthday party. Y’all know the dress I’m talking about and if not it’s probably about time you relocated from the rock you currently reside under. Bright pink hues give me major flashbacks to the early 2000s - when neon colours & Henry Holland slogan tees were everywhere. With this nostalgia, comes the ptsd of reliving my awkward tween years. I’m willing to do this solely because the reward of sporting the colour is bound to be plentiful. I’m about to be the cutest fashionista and you can too!

If you’re feeling extra bold you can create an entire outfit out of fuchsia. If you’re in an experimental mood pair the popping pink with orange or lime green. If you’re looking for something a little more understated and trying to ease into this fashion statement pair with lighter hues such as white and pastel pinks.

Find more outfit ideas here!

above L-R: Rag & Bone pants, Prada bag, and Oscar de la Renta jacket (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

top trends emerging from fashion month

We are almost finished fashion month. Four weeks of trials and tribulations - did your favourite fashion house bring the goods or utterly disappoint? Were you inspired by the plethora of street style photographs or were you overwhelmingly underwhelmed? For me it was a mix of both. I’m still awaiting Celine’s first show post Pheobe Philo’s departure and Hedi Slimane’s inception. I’ve decided to distract my Philo-favouring nerves by exploring the top trends we’ve seen emerge thus far. I’m truly committed to saving over the next 10 months (London is calling) so I’ve included both boujee AND broke options. I feel almost as transparent as clubs that only use gender neutral toilet signs on certain club nights. Ah well, fake it until you make it.

lurex socks & stockings

above: Prada, Acne Studios, and Marc Jacobs

If you haven’t already jumped on board with the lurex socks trend you’re missing out! They are such an easy, fun addition to any wardrobe. A truly wonderful way to spice up any outfit. Colour co-ordinate them with your favourite top for maximum fashionista vibes.

boujee options

above L-R: Fendi socks, Off-White socks, and Dolce & Gabbana socks

broke binch options

above Cotton On socks L-R: Embroidered, Sporty sparkle stripe, and Dorothy sparkle

tie dye

above L-R: Proenza Schouler, Collina Strada, and R13

I have such mixed feelings about this trend. A large part of my childhood & adolescence revolved around tie dye - be it dying my own garments for fun or sporting them in my ‘vegan namaste’ phase (thank god I never went through with my ‘om’ tattoo idea). For the most part I have fond memories of my own experience wearing tie dye. I simultaneously smile and cringe when recalling said moments for my past.

Despite all of this I’m ready to jump on board. The wonderful thing about throwback trends is you’re likely to find a plethora in op shops. Who doesn’t love some good second-hand and savings?

Also let it be known for those who don’t have hands on experience - tie dying is a super fun DIY activity. It’s a wholesome project you can do with younger family members in the upcoming festive season.

boujee options

above Cotton On pieces L-R: Retro socks, Tabitha Twist top, and The Original Sock

lime green on lime green

above L-R: Michael Kors, Versace, and Rejina Pyo

Do you ever have those moments where you realise, “oh my god, my mother is a genius and actually IS always right”. Personally, I’m having one of those right now. Lime green is my mother’s favourite colour. I remember when I first moved to Melbourne, I was desperately attempting to assimilate, I threw out all my coloured garments and replaced them with various shades of black. Amongst these colourful causalities was a lime green sweater that had been an absolute staple in my wardrobe for YEARS. My new hipster friends had once caught a glimpse of it and spruiked that it was the ugliest thing they’d ever seen. I wish I hadn’t been such a cliche teenager and listened to the words of “cool” people over my own flesh & blood. Imagine if I’d had the foresight and wisdom to realise one day those very people would be paying big bucks for exact replicas of my sweater (see: vintage Issey Miyake below).

The trend is lime ON lime so make sure you pair two or more pieces in the same hue. Also, listen to your mama’s, otherwise you might regret it!

boujee option

above L-R: No Ka’ Oi purse, vintage Issey Miyake top, and Prada sneakers

broke binch option

above Factorie pieces L-R: Fitted top, Sandals, and A-Line Skirt

bucket hats

above: Anna Sui, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Michael Kors

Yet another trend I know my mother would be 100% on board with. Who doesn’t love a fashion statement that involves optimum UV protection? Chic and melanoma-free - I for one could not be more excited! Perfect for the upcoming festival season and warmer weather. However I’d probably advise against wearing them to the clubs, lest you wish to be the biggest wanker in the establishment.

boujee options

above L-R: Fenty x Puma hat, GANNI hat, and Burberry hat

broke binch options

nyfw 2018 street style trends

Another year, another mailbox that didn’t get filled with invites to New York Fashion Week. Hopefully this time next year I’m there getting photographed and not writing about it from my basement bedroom in Australia. I guess a girl can dream.

In the interim I’ll stick to doing what I do best - scrolling endlessly through street style galleries and identifying the trends. Although I’m still salty that I was left off many a guest list, I am excited about some of the fun trends to come out of the week. Let’s commiserate together as we read through them below. Also I’ve been feeling extra nostalgic recently so if you don’t like personal anecdotes this article probably isn’t for you. Check out this one instead.


I have odd associations with Mary-Janes. For a brief period when I was in middle school, before the principal amended the uniform guidelines, Mary-Janes had their hey day. They became incredibly popular; probably because they were really the only way of expressing some form of femininity within the polyester sacks we were required to don. I absolutely adored my pair. They had a teeny, tiny stacked heel and I love the way it clinked on the cement walking to and from class. I pretended I was a corporate power woman clip-clopping to important meetings. This was until one fateful day walking to school mass. My school was too poor to have its own church so each class had to make the trek to our local parish. When crossing one of the freshly painted pedestrian crossings my beloved mary-janes betrayed me and sent my feet flying out beneath me. Not only did I flash my knickers to most of the school, I was also left with a big bruise on my bum.

To this day I wonder if my unfortunate instant was the catalyst for the change in the uniform criteria. Honestly it would be rather fitting if that were my legacy. I think it would be a fine reflection of who I am - clumsy and favouring fashion and femininity over practicality.

Fortunately I now have the autonomy to invest in a pair that don’t have to meet guidelines AND have the foresight to invest in a sturdy heel. A way to embrace fashion and femininity without sacrificing my tailbone? Yes please.

These seem like a bit of a music festival staple and believe me I’m not yet fully on board. However I’m obviously a sheep at heart because seeing their popularity at NYFW has almost convinced me to buy one. Like silver, they’re an amazing accessory as they will reflect whatever colour your wearing and completely complement your outfit. I also love the juxtaposition of such a novelty, cheap looking material being paired with some designer garbs.


I remember in my first ever social studies tutorial my teacher pointed out something that still, to this day, blows my mind. Australian school uniforms are reflective of the professions expected of the students - in private schools the students dress proper and wear corporate-like, high end suits, whereas in public schools the students wear polos and sports shorts - like tradesman.

Since hearing this and grappling with my own working class background I’ve had a love-hate relationship with polos. Do I want to embrace them, although it may seem like I’m betraying my heritage and ashamed of it? Or can I still be proud of my background and wear a garment traditionally not designed for someone of my calibre?

I like to think the former, if not because it’s more freeing, but at least because it’s more fashion forward. Reasonable length sleeves AND a collar - these are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Say bye bye melanoma and hello haute couture!

above L-R: Prada polo, LHD polo, and Burberry polo

tie dye

Throughout primary school I had a best friend named Madison Turner, her mother was widely renowned for being the queen of craft. I have no idea what possessed me but I was determined to dethrone her. Unbeknownst to this forty year old woman I was in a war with her to facilitate the most fun DIY projects amongst my peers. I believe I achieved this the day of my eighth birthday party when I taught my counterparts how to tie dye. Everyone left with their own uniquely dipped t-shirt and Madison’s mother’s head hung in shame - or at least that’s the way I remember it.

I wouldn’t revisit tie dye again until I was 17 and I went through my crystal/yoga/om tattoo phase. Since then I’ve steered well and truly clear of it, trying to assimilate to my metropolitan Melbourne peers and simply donning black.

Now that I’m developing more confidence and giving less of a shit, perhaps it’s time to revisit this unique fabric. Although I don’t know whether it will aid in my attempts to ensure strangers cease assuming I’m a weed dealer (thank you dopey voice and persistently blood shot eyes).

As a child my most favourite past time was playing dress-ups - who’s surprised? One of my favourite items to play with was a long leather, pastel pink coat one of my mother’s ex-boyfriends had purchased for her. He was her only serious relationship before she met my father and I often fantasised about what my life would’ve been like had she married him instead. I mostly loved indulging in this because he was a veterinarian and I loved to tell myself if he was my father I’d have a million pet pigs and puppies at my avail. I now realise that’s a little unrealistic and am grateful for my own father (obviously I copped some decent genetics); however I can never stop thinking about her pink leather coat.

I hadn’t considered actually adding one to my own wardrobe until earlier this year, when my boyfriend and eternal muse purchased one for himself. Seeing these now pop up a few months later at NYFW has cemented what I already knew: 1) this is a staple wardrobe piece 2) my baby is in fact every bit as much a fashionista as the bloggers I idolise; although it pains my stubborn ass I should take his advice more often.

susie bubble style lessons

British babe Susie Lau, affectionately known as Susie Bubble, is my ultimate favourite fashion blogger. Known for her eccentric style and impeccable outfit co-ordination, Susie is a shining example of how juxtaposition is the crux of fashion. Although I usually tend to favour timelessness when purchasing garments, I’ve begun to challenge myself to experiment more. There is no better shining example than Susie. Without further ado, here are a few leaves I’ll be taking out of her book.

tulle over denim is a winning combination

British designer, Molly Goddard, has the most beautiful garments I’ve ever seen. They would even make Shrek look like a sex siren! Yet I’ve never seen anyone sport them better than Susie. Again I come back to the juxtaposition element of outfit co-ordination. There is no better shining example of this than tulle over denim.

above L-R: APIECE APART jeans, Gucci jeans, and MSGM jeans

a paisley patterned suit can be your quirky cornerstone

What’s not to love about a power suit? You can wear the trousers and blazer as separates or together depending on the occasion. A floral patterned suit is a super fun take on the garconne wardrobe essential.

above L-R: Anna Sui suit, ALEXACHUNG suit, and Gucci suit

stockings with sneakers may bring cheers from the bleachers

I thought this look was simply reserved for nurses and corporate women power-walking to and from the office. Susie particularly favours metallic and platform sneakers. It turns out stockings are a fun way to warm up your favourite summer outfits; as well as dress up your favourite sneakers.

Because I have such short, stumpy legs I tend to favour sheer stocking as they make me look less rotund (or at least I like to think so).

above L-R: Stella McCartney sneakers, Marc Jacobs sneakers, and Balenciaga sneakers

pink & green should always be seen

A combination you’re far more likely to spot in the children’s section, Susie proves that a pink & green combination can be refreshingly fun and fashion forward! For a really playful outfit pair some neon green and pastel pink. For a more casual option try khaki green with a dark pink hue.

In the past I’ve found the best way to ensure you try a new colour combination is to purchase a garment made of said hues. The below options are fun and playful yet remain super versatile.

above L-R: Diesel dress, Marni bag, and Bambah dress

bequeath a slip dress with a turtleneck underneath

This is a wonderful way to utilise your summer dresses in the cooler months. In true Style Bubble style, Susie pairs two very contrasting garments. If you want to emulate her signature look go for a bold patterned turtleneck with a fun coloured slip over the top.

stop the press: cotton on has some surprisingly fresh finds

It’s a phrase I use an awful lot but it seriously could not be more appropriate than right now - who’d have thunk it? I don’t know who’s buying for Cotton On at the moment but they need a goddamn pay rise! If you’re like this binch and on a budget it’s time to bite the bullet & start shopping a little more economically. There’ll be no judgement from yours truly.

pastel net bag

Here in Australia our grocery stores have only just banned plastic bags and the nation has gone crazy! Net bags are the perfect alternative - they squish up super small into your other bag and will be readily available whenever you’re buying some snacks.

Alternatively you can make like almost every fashionasta all over the globe has recently and don them as a complete fashion statement. Personally I think they’re a nice alternative to the clear pvc bag trend currently engulfing the fashion world. The premise is similar but the execution is a little nicer.

above L-R: net bags in coral, orchard bloom, and lemonade

chunky sneakers

They’re EVERYWHERE this season and rightly so. Finally a trend my podiatrist and chiropractor would support! Ultimate comfort and ultimate, instant ‘it girl’ status - you have no reason not to at least give them a try! The wonderful thing about these Cotton On pairs is they’re cheap so you can test if they’re your thing or not before investing in a $1400 Balenciaga pair. Bloody bargain!

above L-R: Cotton On ‘Erika’ sneakers in pink and white

zipped turtleneck

If you’ve ever scrolled my instagram for even a second you will know how much I adore turtlenecks. These are possibly the most perfect, versatile option - in the warmer weather, or in the thick of the club, you can zip the neck down for some breeziness. These bad boys are a cute fashion statement on their own with some simple bottoms. They’re also perfect for layering in the cooler months!

above L-R: Cotton On funnel neck jumpers in red, blue & green stripe, and navy

local treasure chest: luneselects, carlton

Have you ever walked into a space and been completely enamoured with the ambience? That’s the feeling when you walk into the Lune Selects pop up on Elgin St in Carlton. Run by the lovely Vy, the space is filled with carefully selected vintage and modern recycled pieces. Vy sources the pieces from a wide array of places - markets, op shops, online, and on occasional overseas holidays. She is attracted to the feel of pieces and often ends up selling pieces originally bought for herself.

The space is a true treasure chest and instead of having to dig through to find a precious gem - you’ll be overwhelmed with how beautiful each and every item is. Amongst them is a vintage CELINE cosmetic bag, Sonia Rykiel suede sandals, and some divine Pleats Please pants.

The space will be occupied by Lune Selects until the 19th of October. It is open Thursday to Sunday 12pm - 6pm. The pop-up is a reminder to me of why bricks & mortar is so important in the world of fashion. A shopping trip there is an entire experience and even if you don’t make a purchase you’ll leave feeling inspired and excited by the aesthetic.

Vy also has a permanent stall at the Lost & Found market on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Here you’ll be just as likely to find some beautiful treasures and become their forever home.

unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (7).jpg
unnamed (10).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (8).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (12).jpg

danish girls' style staples: best of copenhagen fashion week 2019

There's something so innately stylish about Danish girls.  Perhaps I'm biased because my first crush (and bisexual awakening) was a Danish exchange student in my class.  Coincidentally she was also my fashion awakening - how else was I going to learn about dress sense in a rural town in Queensland? Copenhagen fashion week exhibited exactly how Danish girls do it best.  They have completely perfected the art of versatility.  Read on to learn about their style staples - how you can transition from day to night in a swift second; how you can go from cycling to work in the morning to dancing away at the club all in the same outfit. 

#1 long sleeve floral dress

What's not to love about this trans-seasonal must-have?  Layer thermals underneath in winter.  Go easy, breezy with nothing but a thong & sandals underneath in summer.  This piece will soon become a staple in your wardrobe.  It's perfect for cycling to and fro -  if you're nervous about flashing motorists, simply don a cheeky pair of bike shorts underneath.  

above L-R: Tory Burch dress, Equipment dress, and MSGM dress

#2 white wide leg pants

Versatile AND comfortable - who doesn't love an accommodating fashion statement? You don't need me to tell you how versatile white is - you can pair it with literally anything! These bad boys will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe & soon become one of your A1 players.  

above L-R: Mansur Gavriel pants, Theory pants, and REJINA PYO pants

#3 pastel yellow everything & anything

I'm so pale almost any pastel colour washes me out, I'd been extremely hesitant to try any, especially yellow.  Alas my fellow, fair Danish girls have shown me how it's done best & I've learnt to take a leaf out of their book once in a while.  Three pieces in my suggestions below are by Danish label, Ganni - how's that for taking inspiration from Copenhagen?

The best part is it's actually surprisingly easy to match this colour.  There's very little difference between constructing an outfit with white and constructing an outfit with pale yellow.  I'm sure somehow who knew more about the colour wheel and visual art could explain it better; but you have my flawed logic and guidance to assist and encourage you instead.   

above L-R: GANNI dress, Attico turtleneck, and GANNI straight leg pants

#4 tons of tartan  

Who said you can't enjoy tartan when you can't afford Burberry?  Tartan is one of the best statement prints.  Although it may be daunting to be seen flaunting at first - you'll soon quickly acquire the means to fit it into your outfit repoirtoire. 

above L-R: Tibi pants, Gucci skirt, and MSGM pants

#5 chunky black boots (with super feminine dresses) 

We love juxtaposition when it comes to fashion.  Is there anything better than chunky black boots and an overly feminine dress?  Did anyone say mention major great Dane, Cecilie Bahnsen? 

above L-R: Valentino boots, Givenchy boots, and Eytys boots

#6 bucket bags

Much like belt bags, I'd been extremely hesitant to invest in a bucket bag as I thought it was merely a trend.  However, upon seeing the photos above I've changed my mind.   The bucket bag is an amazing option as it's spacious enough to accommodate often overlooked essentials (such as an umbrella, aerosol deodorant, etc.). 

can't afford to live in paris? dress like you do anyway!

Top 5 Parisian Girl style staples

Parisian living is something that has long alluded me.  Since I saw the film Madeline at age four and fell in love with berets and bonjour - thus began an obsession with all thing Parisian.  At age six I found a baby name book in my living room and discovered the origin of my name is in fact French.  This was the tipping point for me to create an imaginary alternate universe where I'm a Parisian girl.  I've played this imaginary world out in my head for a good 16 years now.  In essence it's been much the same as my ordinary life, only I'm always wearing a beret. 

After dipping my toe precariously into the world of fashion, I've decided it's time I upgraded my French alter ego's style.  Buckle up fellow French wannabes, it's time to explore the top five Parisian style staples. 

1. timeless celine bag

Maybe I'm biased and brainwashed from my short stint working at Celine, but I truly do believe their bags are the creme de la designer creme.  Truly the only other contender that comes close to the craftsmanship and quality is Hermes.  Celine's bag designs totally embody the Parisian girls' style.  Although the entry price point is quite a bit higher than most designer brands, a Celine bag is one of the best purchases one can make.  A Celine bag will literally become a family heirloom for DECADES to come.  A testament to this is the amazing quality most vintage Celine bags remain in, despite how overused and neglected they may have been. 

Personally I'm a broke binch so although I believe in the power of investment I have to go the second hand route (which there is no shame in).  If you plan on going this way I'd HIGHLY recommend going through a consignment store that has a professional authentication process (i.e. not grailed).

above L-R: Celine medium edge bag, Celine medium classic box bag, and Celine mini clasp bag (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

2. blue straight leg jeans

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - blue straight leg jeans are the cornerstone to any versatile, trans-seasonal wardrobe.  Although they may seem like a basic binch staple, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll end up sporting these endlessly.  The versatility need not be mentioned - it speaks for itself.  Pair them with a light weight blouse and sandals in summer.  Pair them with stockings, a warm jumper, and a comfy overcoat in winter.  You cannot go wrong with these jeans.  They are flattering and comfortable for every body - that statement means A LOT coming from a binch with a little chubby pouch.  They are an absolute must-have - wannabe Parisienne or not. 

above L-R: Goldsign Jeans, E.L.V Denim jeans, and Madewell jeans

3. silk blouse 

Whenever I'm wearing a high quality, luxurious fabric, such as silk or cashmere, I instantly feel more Euro-Glam.  The beauty of a button down silk blouse is rather similar to the straight leg jeans.  You can LITERALLY, and I mean LIT-ER-ALLY, wear it in any season.  The only thing required to harness it's trans-seaonality is to perfect the art of layering.  The first suggestion I've included below is a little out there.  But come on - if you're trying to imitate a Parisian binch you may as well pretend to be front & centre at PFW! 

above L-R: Hillier Bartley blouse, The Row blouse, and Stella McCartney blouse

4. classic trench coat

Ah the beauty of the humble trench coat - waterproof & insulating! What more could you want?  Honestly I've been super hesitant to invest in one - mostly because they've always screamed basic bitch to me.  However! Every god damn single time I've tried one on I've felt effortlessly French.  It's time for both of us to invest - let's take the plunge together! 

above L-R: Burberry coat, A.P.C coat, and Burberry coat

5. comfortable sling-back mules

Parisienne women tend to favour a lower heeled sling-back.  This is extremely practical as it allows you go from day to night exceptionally easily.  Wear your sling backs with a cute silk blouse, straight leg trousers, and a trench and you're set for almost any occasion! Work? Check. Brunch? Check. After work cocktails? Check.  Date? Check.  I'm telling you these Frenchmen have it all figured out! 

ballerina: a 2018 spring moodboard

My Post (21).jpg

There's something so beautiful about how juxtaposing the features of ballet seem.  In one way in the opulent audiences make the sport seem frivolous; yet on the other hand the psychicality is incredible and a spectacle of human strength.

I'm not sure why but I always come back to juxtaposition being the cornerstone of fashion forwardness. For my ballerina outfits I love to explore both of these sides - I love a cute frivolously, overly feminine skirt or dress with some chunky, overly masculine shoes.  When shopping and planning my outfits for this upcoming spring I like to think of myself as some sort of principal ballerina cross wealthy old donor hybrid.  


My Post (24).jpg

Seeing this goofy binch in a pair of heels is SUCH a rarity.  The fact that I'm advocating for these Celine bad boys is a testament to how extraordinarily comfortable they are.  I can say with some certainty these are the only heels comfy enough to piruette in. 

above L-R Celine ballet pumps in: pink, tan, and black


The first person who introduced me to the true versatility of the tulle dress was fashion blogger Susie Lau.  After seeing the above photographs of her sporting them on top of jeans I realised i absolutely NEEDED a piece of this dress up fun.  I love the playfullness of these dresses - there is something quite naive and childlike about them; yet they remain innately feminine at the same time.  

These tulle dresses can be worn on their own with heels for night time functions.  They can be worn in cooler months over the top of your outfits for extra fashionista status.  Is there anything I love more than a playful piece that's also trans-seasonal AND versatile? 

My Post (22).jpg

If you're not ready to dive into the ballerina deep end simply sport a tulle skirt with some sneakers and a regular t-shirt. If you're feeling a little ecentric, take a leaf out of Susie Bubble's book & pair over the top of your favourite jeans - fashion forward and cute! If you're looking for some excitement and feeling prima ballerina sport one of these with a body suit, wrap cardigan, and some ballet flats.  The world is your stage princess! 

My Post (25).jpg

The beauty of body suits is their versatility and unassuming practicality.  You can sport them on their own with some cute shoes for dress up parties & themed club nights; they double as a slip underneath your transparent dresses and skirts; and you can simply sport them as a top with any other outfit.  The first suggestion below is a thong bodysuit so you can add a fourth use - baby making outfit.  Your hubbies can thank me later.

My Post (26).jpg

Wrap tops are perfect for layering - you can sport them on their own in summer or layer them over the top of turtlenecks in the cooler months. 

Alexa Chung trans-seasonal style staples

As a poor binch I’ve learnt to enjoy the simple things in life.  By simple I mean free.  A year old lollipop from the doctors surgery;  a burnt lactose infused coffee from a coupon that leaves me on the toilet for hours; and most importantly the pure joy of scrolling through endless photographs of Alexa Chung’s innate and essential style.  Obviously the latter is far more enjoyable than the former - hence I’ll be endeavouring to do that more.  In fact I’m so devoted to enjoying Alexa’s outfits more that I’ve decided to write yet another article about her style staples.

Staying true to the theme of my self induced poverty (saving is a bitch), I’ve decided to explore her trams seasonal style staples - i.e. pieces you can wear year round and allow the most bang for your buck. 



Honestly there’s no item I’ve been more skeptical of than the humble espadrille.  It really has the notoriety of been frequently spotted by basic trust fund babies and thus was something I tried to steer completely clear of. 

My recent investment in a pair of espadrille ballerina hybrids is a testament to how great Alexa’s influence over me is.  The wonderful thing about Miu Miu’s ballerina espadrilles is that they’re the perfect mix of summer and winter - ergo catch me sporting them year round. You’re welcome. 

Your girl successfully made it through puberty and the better part of the mid to late 2000s without ever donning a mini skirt.  For that I thank anorexia and body dysmorphia, as well as my conservative, Catholic mother. Lo and behold the year is now 2018 and I've finally realised the beauty of donning these bad boys both in and out of the bedroom.  Never again will I overlook the versatility of a tartan mini skirt.  A wardrobe staple for any preppy babe AND the cornerstone to any sexy school girl outfit.  

Stockings are the ultimate trans-seasonal style staple.  These bad boys allow you to wear garments you thought were completely restricted to the summer season year round! Your favourite teeny dress?  Wear some wool stockings underneath and a wool coat over the top and you're good to go! Sometimes Alexa pairs your stock standard black stockings with fancy cocktail dresses.  The juxtaposition is extraordinarily chic and a fashion statement and a half. 

These shoes are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine and are arguably the most timeless of all footwear.  What evidence do I have to support this?  Well the dates of the photos above vary from 2004 until 2018.  Alexa looks every bit the stylish madden in all of these photos.  

I was first introduced to the beauty of the velvet blazer by my two true loves - Yoyo and Young Thug.  Ever since the early days of our relationship one of my & yoyo's favourite things to do together is go op shopping.  We have a hilarious track record with it.  On the second day of us officially dating we were experiencing a bad hangover as we walked to my favourite op shop with some hot chippies.  Upon our arrival one of the volunteers advised us that somebody had in fact just shat in the changeroom and to steer clear.  In between laughing hysterically about the situation and hypothesizing about what time of individual would commit such a heinous act Yonnas found the most fabulous velvet blazer.  We discussed how incredibly Thugger-esque it was and I convinced him to purchase it.  Since sporting it regularly myself over the last twelve months I've come to realise it's extreme versatility and practicality in all seasons. 

above L-R: Etro blazer, Saint Laurent blazer, and FRAME blazer

red mary-janes 

Cute, chic and extraordinarily trans-seaonsal - what's not to love? Mary Janes are a shoe that should not be overlooked.  They instil an extraordinary sense of femininity while also remaining versatile and comfortable.  They are perfect for a wide array of occasions - the heel makes them perfect for job interviews and work.  The patent leather allows optimum protective from scuffing - i.e. resistant to filthy club/pub floors.  Pair them with dresses and stockings in the winter; jeans and a button up in autumn; and with a mini skirt and graphic tee in summer.