build your 2018 designer wardrobe in one transaction

the best pieces in this season's net-a-porter sale

The fantastic thing about purchasing your entire year's wardrobe at the same time is you can be 100% certain that you will be able to mix and match the garments with a wide array of outfit options.  You'll also be able to avoid the temptation of fast fashion shite that will literally fall apart after a couple of washes.  Furthermore, if I've said it once I've said it a hundred times, but it's an investment and you'll end up not only saving, but possibly making dosh in the long run. 



Ribbed knit-trimmed quilted shell down jacket - $391

As someone that naturally sports a little tummy I was apprehensive about investing in a puffer jacket.  Yet upon purchasing my first I realised that the complete opposite occurs - nobody knows what's underneath. 

Furthermore the humble puffer has become a staple in every it girl's fashion week wardrobe.  It well and truly accomodates and disguise post pasta belly and keeps you insanely warm.  



Retro metallic-paneled leather sneakers - $290


Ah the humble loafer, dress it up or dress it down.   

On a personal, and somewhat unrelates, note - as I write this article my period is approximately 7 weeks late.  I'm comforted by two things, firstly the fact that I've been clinically 'diagnosed' as infertile, secondly that if my seriously out of shape body were to miraculously conceive at least I'd have a Miu Miu heirloom to pass onto my little darling.  

Perhaps I could sell them for a pretty penny to invest in some contraception. That way I wouldn't have to think myself into a panic about my unborn child's future being tainted by my innate selfishness (and quell said anxiety by spending $400+ on shoes). 



Pleated organza-trimmed silk-jersey T-shirt -$158

For $158 you can have this incredible designer piece for less money than a mediocre night at Lounge. This shirt needs little introduction or justification.  A haute take on the classic black t-shirt.  It would be patronising for me to explain its versatility or necessity in the modern garçon's wardrobe.  


Open-back cotton-jersey T-shirt - $219

Constructed of wool these are the perfect pants for cooler weather.  Remember wool is a natural, breathable fibre so you can wear them when it's warmer with a t-shirt or singlet and sandals.  


Asymmetric pleated striped cotton and chiffon wrap skirt - $795

These 100% cotton culottes are super versatile and, unlike my seasonal depressive ass, work in all kinds of weather.  



Wool sweater - $180

Sacai have yet again mesmerised and amazed with this turtleneck.  Like yours truly the knit is super thick and will keep you warm in winter.  Due to the oversized style you can layer it lots in the cold weather or wear it alone in the more mild autumnal months.  

Potentially the best factor is the removable turtleneck - absolutely mind blowing and convenient - 2 jumpers for the price of one!