pastel yellow IS the new millennial pink: here's how to style it

with brown

Honestly if you’d asked me a year ago which two colours I’d be least likely to sport I’d have responded pastel yellow and brown. Alas, here we are - I’m in a position to spruik this colour combination’s fashion-forwardness. Luckily you don’t have to merely take my word for it, simply have a glance at the pictures above or the ones on this pinterest board and you’re bound to be adding these to your fikus-inspired outfit repertoire. I especially love a yellow dress or skirt layered with a brown sweater or jacket.

above L-R: Dolce & Gabbana sweater, Rick Owens Lilies sweater, and MaxMara sweater (use my link for $50 off your first purchase:

above L-R: MaxMara blazer, Barbara Bui blazer, and Alice + Olivia blazer

colour blocked with more pastel yellow

When you’re feeling extra bold (and your pockets extra full) it’s time to invest in a pastel yellow coat or jacket. You can begin sporting this atop an all yellow ensemble to catch maximum stares. You may receive the odd canary comment, but don’t worry honey you’re p-o-p poppin!

There’s something a little Paris Hilton about wearing the same coloured bag & clothing. I secretly love channeling my inner heiress. Say what you will, but girl had some MEMORABLE fashion moments. I know you can think of at least five off the top of your head. Investing in a pastel yellow bag may seem a little premature and risky to y’all but TRUST ME. This colour really, really is the new millennial pink and you’ll be so happy when you’re able to brag that you were ahead of the trend. Additionally it’s actually an incredibly versatile colour - you can match it to just as much as tan (if not more).

I always look upon the most recent Marni runways as some sort of holy testament - almost a comprehensive guide on how to approach upcoming trends I’m otherwise a little scared of. In this particular instance, with pastel yellow and baby blue, Marni has shown me that an all yellow outfit with a beautiful blue bag is the way to go.

above L-R: Prada dress, Coach x Baseman dress, and Dries van Noten dress

with a matching hat

Who doesn’t love a UV resistant fashion statement? There’s something super cute about matching your hat to the rest of your outfit. If you’re not quite game enough to sport yellow on yellow on yellow just yet, you can simply start by adding a yellow hat to your other outfits and work up to it. Once you’re comfortable with your new pastel yellow accessory, you’ll grow more and more experimental and be out-dressing your favourite fashionistas in no time!