outfits inspired by my fav paintings

Nurse with baby, Zinaida Serebriakova


This beautiful picture gives me major Cecilie Bahnsen vibes. I love the femininity of the puffed sleeves. One of my favourite things about Bahnsen’s pieces is how maternal and cushiony they appear. I especially love certain quilted dresses of hers which somewhat resemble the most comfy blankets I’ve seen. I regularly fantasize about being wealthy enough to breastfeed my unborn bubbas in Cecilie’s creations. My poor babies are bound to inherit my chubby genetics, the least I can do for them is ensure they’re only ever exposed to haute couture so they can at least have their mumma’s impeccable eye for style.

above L-R: Cecile Bahnsen quilted dress, Rejina Pyo dress, and Cecile Bahnsen silk-tulle dress

Self portrait as a heel, Jean-Michel Basquiat


One of the most poignant things about Basquiat’s work is the exploration of the lens through which we see ourselves and how it can alter and our world perception. I think fashion is similar to self portraiture in many ways - you’re in complete control of curating the way others see and perceive oneself. I think once you come to terms with that control it opens various doors. Basquiat’s work always serves as a reminder about this power. It inspires me to make bold fashion choices and dress exactly how I want to be perceived: adventurous, timeless, extraordinarily memorable. It inspires me to purchase the statement pieces I’d otherwise be to nervous sport.

above L-R: Prada shoes, MM6 Maison Margiela, and Stella McCartney shoes

The Balcony, Rene Magritte


You know those weirdly morbid children you usually see in works of fiction? I was one of those. Not in the ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ killing the family pet kind of way, just in the dark humoured, slight obsession with death kind of way. I distinctly remember curating my own powerpoint presentation for my inevitable funeral at age 13.

To this day I still enjoy thinking about my own funeral. I like pondering who will be in attendance (Queen Elizabeth II surely) and what will be said in my obituary (most influential fashion designer of the 21st century).

This painting fills me with a sense of solidarity with all humanity - we have our mortality in common.

This painting inspires me to choose outfits I hope Alexa Chung, Harry Styles, and Young Thug will respectively don at my memorial service.

above L-R: Attico dress, A.W.A.K.E dress, and Rebecca Vallance open-back gown

The Flamingoes, Henri Rousseau


This artwork inspires my dress sense in a more shallow way than the others. I simply enjoy the colour palette of this piece, as well as the sense of calm it instills in me. While its important for my to explore my maternity and chaos, I also know there are certain times fashion should be simple, comfortable, and calm. What better way to achieve such sense of serenity than dressing in all pastels?