i try SIX new trends in ONE outfit - is this a recipe for disaster?

Can I pull off an outfit wearing: white stockings, velvet on velvet, bobby pins, cherries, a short-sleeve turtleneck AND sea shell accessories? Have a flick through the gallery below and let me know what you think. Did I nail this or was it an enormous faux-pas?

Keep reading to learn about more subtle ways to incorporate these new trends into your wardrobe; as well as why you should bother with them in the first place.

For some time now I’ve had a Pinterest board titled ‘white stockings’. When I first created it some months ago, pictures of white stockings on the runway and in editorials were super scarce. It was difficult to find a single runway photo that wasn’t Chanel or Miu Miu. Lo and behold two months after fashion week and my board is overflowing. Everyone is doing white stockings this season, from Off-White to Y/Project to Acne Studios. A trend I once thought was reserved for the twee Zoey Deschanels of the world, is taking over streetwear as we know it! I wasn’t as disgusted by the white stockings as I thought I would be. They did make my legs look extra chunky but I’m most certainly not complaining (nor is my boyfriend; yes he is black).

short sleeve turtleneck

I’m not sure what it was that prompted my turtleneck obsession but even the ‘seven steps’ couldn’t save me at this point. You’ll realise the predicament I’m in every summer - how can I still incorporate my number one wardrobe staple without boiling to death? The answer, it would seem, was right under my nose - short-sleeve turtlenecks! I tend to favour cotton over viscoe or anything synthetic for its breathability. However, I’m a super sweaty binch so it’s a precaution not everyone has to take! I’ve seen short sleeve turtlenecks popping up everyone recently - runways, editorials & street style. Nothing pleases me (or my fat neck I’m trying to hide) more. Jump on the bandwagon with me, I promise you won’t want to leave!

bobby pins

I’ve had my hair in a bob more or less my entire life so I’m not very well versed using bobby pins. I thought of them merely as a styling tool until they kept consistently popping up on my Pinterest feed. I soon realised the humble hair pin has far more potential and is starting to become a go-to trend. I thought ‘why not give it a try for myself’. To my surprise it helped create an entirely new look for me pinning the sides of my hair back. I opted for cherry bobby pins so I could kill two birds with one stone. I would highly recommend a fun, novelty version - I felt like a child again in the most fun way!

velvet on velvet

One of my most fond memories as a child was visiting the fabric store with my mother. She would leave me free to my own devices while she gossiped with the lovely store owner and I would choose the fabrics & buttons I wanted for my newest ensemble. I think that early childhood really is where the precedent was set for my fashion expectations. Imagine having a wardrobe full of bespoke garments you’d dreamed up yourself for 18 years and then trying to navigate adulthood & budgeting. Needless to say my taste has not cheapened and my bank account has been well and truly emptied.

Velvet and tulle were ALWAYS my go to fabrics. I loved each for different reasons - velvet for it’s soft, cushiony feeling and tulle for the shapes it allowed me (or should I say, my mother) to create. To this day I find there to be something so comforting about wearing velvet and thus am OVERJOYED at the prospect of seeing it in stores everyone in the upcoming seasons.

Not only have I been seeing velvet everywhere, but I’ve been seeing velvet on velvet! Screw what they say, you really can’t have to much of a good thing!

sea shell accessories

This trend is giving me major ‘Birth of Venus’ vibes and I LOVE IT! I had slight apprehensions about trying this trend - it’s one thing for Chanel or Alexa Chung to pull it off, but for your average joe blow like me it’s a little more tricky. I had to be very careful it didn’t make me look like a surfer chick stuck in the early 2000s.


This trend first came onto my radar scrolling through depop. It’s very much in line with that tumblr ‘van gogh’ aesthetic from a few years ago. If you don’t know the one I’m talking about you probably didn’t have a mental illness & profile on the progressive platform in 2015 because it was EVERYWHERE!

When researching this trend I found it’s become a favourite of Parisian fashion bloggers recently. After Jeanne Damas and Life of Boheme sported cherries I didn’t need any more reasons to give it a try!