chit chatting with kacy heywood from ka-he

Kacy Heywood is at the helm of my new favourite fashion label Ka-He. After finishing this interview my admiration and love has increased tenfold; as well as my never-ending wishlist of Ka-He garments.

What can we expect from your new collection (SS18/19)? 

Expect beautiful soft silks, a little sports wear and denim. Something for everyday/mood.

Where in particular did you find the inspiration for this collection?

That is hard to say. I find inspiration with all my designs from everyday life. I might see a silhouette in the corner of my eye or get inspired by films. The philosophy based around ‘Comfortable Possession’ is from reflection of my own and peoples lives that are close to me. How we push our selves a little from our comfort zones and then it suddenly becomes familiar and comfortable. The first step with ‘growing’ your life can come from such a simple thing like dressing yourself. The pieces in this collection are not too outrages but they push them selves a little from the ‘norm’.


How would you say this collection differs from its predecessor, Sleep (AW18)?

This is my second ever Spring/Summer collection.  I have always been more inclined to create for winter. Also, for some reason I find this a difficult question to answer. Perhaps because all the designs have emerged from my brain and because they come from the same place they appear not to differ so much. The strongest difference is perhaps through the femininity in certain pieces such as The Jasmine Dress and the Dahlia Blouse and Skirt.


You’re throwing a fashion party soon, how do you balance organising this with creating an entire collection? Are you able to spread your time evenly across all facets of life or does it require certain sacrifices?

I was speaking to some one at a bar after the show. He was saying how being a creative can be challenging because you need to sacrifice some of your life for the love of it. I completely disagreed. I am not sacrificing anything because this is my life, it’s what gets me up in the morning. It takes every waking hour up and I am ok with that. In reflection on sacrificing with in Ka - He, it is a challenge doing it all on your own. Unfortunately the fashion industry is dominated by money. To give you insight - I sleep on the floor of my studio. I don’t come from money so things that I think would be better out sourced I sacrifice my time for and do them on my own. Small details, such as the packaging of each piece I think get missed because I run out of time or brain space for it. It is taking a lot of patience to grow!

image:  ka-he

image: ka-he


What keeps you going even when you face setbacks? How would you encourage others to pursue such a path & stay consistent?

What I am doing is completely selfish. I am doing it for myself and I can not see myself doing anything else. When there is ‘set back’, I think because I know this about myself, it now rolls off my back. Why should I let the world around me determine my life when I can determine it for myself!? When you are a ‘creative’ you will never be consistent. I think this is something you need to face and be ok with. We are not robots, we are humans. This is what makes the relationship between the consumer and the artist/designer a good one - where there is honesty there comes respect. To me my path seems like a rollercoaster and far from consistent but from an outsider it might appear different. I think if you would like to come down this wobbly road then you need to be doing it for your self or a cause greater, and not care what people say or think.


What’s your take on the Melbourne fashion scene?  Do you find yourself most inspired by local designers and those around you? Or do you tend to draw your inspirations elsewhere?

Hmmm, I feel like I do not know much about the Melbourne fashion scene. I am a kiwi and self taught so I have never really had the introduction to it - besides the little world I have created around myself. I am happy to see labels such as Corepret pop on the scene and put some fresh designer meat out there, and stores like Coco on Brunswick Street adding to the scene rather than copying it. Otherwise I am more inspired by offshore designers - mainly european.


If you had to sum up your fashion philosophy in one sentence what would it be?

Know the story behind what you wear and then make the decision on (why are you?) wearing it.