trends i'm taking into 2019

new year, new wardrobe

statement earrings & flares


above: House of Cards turtleneck ($80), Ellery pants ($350), and Celine-esque mules ($65)

At the end of last year I attended an event that changed the trajectory of my life (and style) forever - The coveted Ellery warehouse sale. Lo and behold I’ve fallen in love with flares. There’s no going back at the point - I’m trying to track down discounted pairs where ever I can.

Why wear one statement piece in an outfit when you can wear two? Pair your flares with some statement earrings to really have jaws dropping!

above L-R: Jacquemus earrings, Marni earrings, and Ellery earrings

bold turtlenecks & platform brogues


Honestly I never had a problem with my height until I purchased some Stella McCartney platforms. At a comfortable 5 ft 5 inches I was almost more than comfortable with my slightly above average height. Now I’ll hardly be seen in flat shoes - the power those extra inches gives me is unparalleled. I love being taller than my man & constantly negotiating the obstacles of inner-city footpaths (sidewalks for my international readers).


Wow this is a throwback to my vegan, yoga-loving, namaste days! Thank god I opted for adorning myself in all tie-dye, rather than getting that ‘om’ tattoo on my ankle. Alas, this phase was many moons ago and there are no relics left in my wardrobe. This means I must invest in some new garbs. This time, I’ll be purchasing high-end pieces (heavily discounted) in the Net-a-Porter sale; rather than the local, musty hippy shop. Character development huh?