4 style lessons from naomi shimada

Naomi Shimada is an eternally radiant, ethereally angelic model & film maker.  In my opinion she is responsible for singlehandedly bringing colour blocking and Issey Miyake's 'pleats please' to the international fashion forefront.  I first came across Naomi when watching her video as a part of the Stylelikeu series.  Which, honestly, is one of the most phenomenal, empowering pieces of media I've ever seen.  I stumbled upon the Youtube video at the absolute perfect time in my life.  I was on the road to recovering from an eating disorder & was struggling to accept the new changes to my body.

Naomi is a body positivity advocate and former straight size model.  She often discusses the importance of prioritising our health and happiness over our image.  I'm endlessly inspired by Naomi's amazing style & have complied a lists of lessons we can learn from her incredible, bright hue filled aesthetic.  

#1 - bright colour blocking is key 

When discussing her personal style Naomi stated that she hopes it is a reflection of her bubbly, radiant personality - after just quick glance at her favoured colour palettes and hearing two seconds of her infectious laugh you'll agree.  

I love to channel Naomi's radiance and warmth when making stylistic decisions.  In fact I've been inspired by her to step out of my comfort zone and purchase some brighter garments. 

above L-R: Marni top, Maggie Marilyn pants, and STAUD top and pants

#2 - sneakers with everything 

This is a style choice I completely agree with & subscribe to. Good luck finding footwear that is more comfortable and versatile than the humble sneaker.  Naomi demonstrates how stylish the juxtaposition, of casual sportswear sneakers with frilly girls dresses & skirts, can be. 

above L-R: Axel Arigato sneakers, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers, and Common Projects sneakers 

#3 - glasses beat jewellery for best accessory 

Over the past summer Naomi has been seen sporting a pair of POMS sunglasses multiple times.  POMS is a Melbourne based jewellery label that specialises in designer eyewear.  Naomi favours simple jewellery and accessories - which perfectly complements her bold colour palettes.  2018 truly is the year for statement eyewear and as shown historically Naomi is possibly one of the greatest trend setters of this millenium.  

above L-R: Retrosuperfuture sunglasses, Prada sunglasses, and Acne Studios sunglasses 

#4 - co-ords are a cute complete outfit 

I'll admit I'd been reluctant to give the co-ord style a try.  Primarily because I used to dislike attracting too much attention to myself and this is the ultimate fashion statement.  However as I've learnt to embrace the changes in my body I've gained more & more confidence and slowly started experimenting with brighter hues & co-ordinated outfits.  The beauty of co-ords is you can wear them together or mix and match with a variety of other garments in your wardrobe.  It's excellent value for money and fashion status quo.  

above L-R: Marni top and skirt, Atlantique Ascoli top & skirt, and Simon Miller tunic & pants