Four Fresh Fall Colour Combinations

Regularly I would be absolutely thrilled to see the start of fall, my once favourite season.  It's a time of year I used to welcome with open arms.  The opportunity to stuff my ugly summer clothes into the back of my closet and bring out my favourite knitwear once filled me with such joy.  This year however, autumn has given me a rude awakening. There is no central heating in the room in which I dwell. 

I've found two ways to deal with this early onset seasonal depression: 1) invest in an electric blanket: 2) start experimenting with brighter colours.  It seems like to type of advice you'd read in a shitty magazine aimed at marketing items to teenage girls, yet somehow it seems to work.  Perhaps it's merely because this is my first year living solely off my own dime and I need to become content with cheap fixes.  

Orange & Tan

Orange and tan?  Yes you most absolutely CAN! The warm hues complement all skin tones - including my own piggy pink (no a mean feat).  

Sporting warm hues during the cooler months last year helped me become marginally less lazy.  An orange and tan outfit + a couple of discount vitamin D tablets are the best things a binch can arm herself with to fight the winter blues.  Conveniently enough for me there is an op shop with a plethora of camel & orange right beside my local chemist warehouse.  You can all thank me for this hot tip when you're not wearing a ski jacket everywhere and crying non-stop - a la me circa 2015 upon first moving to Melbourne. 

above L-R: SIMON MILLER pants and tunic, Emilio Pucci top, and CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC bag

Blue & Green

Although I'd never heard her utter the words myself, my father always insisted that one of my mother's favourite sayings was, "blue and green should never be seen".  Getting either of my divorced parents to speak about the other is like extracting blood from a rock; ergo I'll neither be able to prove nor disprove whether it was in fact one of mum's favourite sayings.  I can however attempt to analyse and demonstrate why blue and green should not only be seen together; but be regularly sported together for maximum fashionista status.  

The best part of wearing blue and burgundy is that if you spill your wine stratetigcally it will compeletely blend in!

Although my former anoxeric ass was once reluctant to ever sport stripes (horizontal or otherwise), I soon overcame that fear upon starting my new job.  We have three uniform top choices - each involving some sort of stripe.  As well as overcoming what now seems a menial fear, I've become somewhat indoctrinated and simply cannot get enough.  Hence, the garment options I've listed below.  There is something super magical about stripes consisting of opposite colour. The juxtaposition of such a warm, rustic colour with a cooling, relaxed tone creates a super fun look. 

above L-R: Marni cropped cardigan, Maison Margiela blouse and pants, and Marni ruched top

Red & White

I've added a few extra garment suggestions for the fourth and final colour combination.  This is honour of the fourth week of the month - you have sport any of the tops with red pants & not have to fear a menstrual blood stain.  

Way more than alright.  Going for an all red outfit with a few white accessories can be extraordinarily advantageous. 

If you're anything like I was when I first began venturing into fashion more seriously, you probably would have only worn black and occasionally white.  The easiest way to incorporate more colour is to slowly start adding red.