Top trends at London Fashion Week 2018

London Fashion Week is arguably one of the greatest fashion events of the year.  Perhaps I'm biased in as I've had an obsession with everything British style-related since childhood. This was a fascination that started by watching Sybil Fawlty's glamorous outfits as my parents laughed about John Clease's tomfoolery. It would take me several years to finally understand the jokes in Fawlty Towers but I like to think Sybil's influence allowed me to develop a penchant for fashion much earlier than that.  

Twelve years later I'm still lusting after British women's wardrobes, specifically those of Alexa Chung and Naomi Shimada.  I have such a fondness for the week as 'it girls' are almost always at their British best.  The front rows often compromise of my other absolute favourites including:  Pixie Geldof and Daisy Lowe.  This February LFW didn't disappoint and there were some unbelievably amazing trends emerging.  

Pairing primary colours

Dutch painter Piet Mondrian has been my favourite artist since I was twelve.  I'm unsure whether it's due to a genuine love for his work or the merely the fact he's the only artist I could name for a good decade.  Upon discovering his work in Year 8, I developed a real penchant for only working with the three primary colours, as well as black and white. I love the simplicity of pairing two or three primary colours with black for an simple, statement look.   I adore the idea of a Mondrian inspired fit and I'm sure my year 7 self would as well.  

The wonderful thing about the primary colours is that they're almost as timeless as black and white.  This means that with the correct care, a piece in one or more of these colours could last you a lifetime.  As I always so I look forward to inevitably making up for my shortcomings as a mother with timeless designer hand-me-downs.  It may sound vapid but as someone that frequently clomps about in my mother's designer shoes I can attest to the importance.  

I believe the last time I sported such a vibrant pink was to a casual dress day in year 8 when I work some fluro pink booty shorts from Supre.  I'm fairly certain I paired them with the complimentary hot pink Supre tote - yes I have been colour blocking since 2009.  

Hopefully my style has improved in leaps and bounds since then.  I think enough time has passed that I could give this statement colour another try without being reminded of pre-pubescent angst and rejection. 

And no I'm not referring to the greatest song in the world by Young Thug, although you should definitely listen to it immediately.  Coincidentally all the suggestions I've selected are skirts; we'll put this down to me paying even more homage to Thugger. 

As well as honouring the almighty trap god, I'm ecstatic about this trend as I have been waiting for a check resurge since I binned my catholic school uniform.  I'm unsure if this is a universal thing, or perhaps only Australia wide, but I would say almost 98% of catholic girls' school uniforms consist of an almost ankle length plaid skirt.  It's safe to say when I graduated in 2013 I never thought I'd be sporting on of those again.  But I also thought Brisbane would be progressive and Niall was the most handsome member of One Direction so I guess early adulthood has been enormously enlightening.  

If you've taken even a quick peek in my bedroom or a glimpse at my instagram feed you'll be aware of my undying love for flower prints, specifically those similar to Marimekko's unikko pattern.   There's something extraordinarily fun and child-like about these flowers & I love the juvenility of the pieces.  It's a pattern that is quite timeless and can become a statement piece do reside in your wardrobe for years to come. 

above L-R: Marc Jacobs top, Simone Rocha dress, and Marni top 

White boots

As a super clumsy binch I'm constantly falling over and scuffing my toes so I'm apprehensive to purchase some white leather boots.  However, upon seeing the outfits above I think I'm almost convinced.  I particularly love white boots with an all red outfit. 

One of the biggest selling points of white boots is they're just as versatile as black boots - ergo you can pair them with virtually anything.  The small heel on the boots featured below allows for transitioning from day to night looks super easy.  The heel is high enough to add some femininity for when you're really feeling yourself; and low enough to comfortably endure galivanting about.