3 style lessons from Dev Hynes

Dev Hynes is the music, dance and fashion extraordinaire responsible for producing some of this century's most influential albums, including Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen and True by Solange.  His own solo projects under the pseudonym Blood Orange have helped me enormously endure early adulthood.  He's besties with the ultimate British it crowd - including Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe & Pixie Geldof - between the four of them I've found my style influences for the past 10 years.  

Below are 3 styles lessons that can be learnt from Dev's wardrobe.  Hopefully these are even a fraction as informative as the sex education I received at a rural Catholic school.  

#1 - add a lil red to an otherwise simple ensemble 

It's common to have a wardrobe that is mostly compromised of blacks and whites.  For the most part this is a great thing as they are simplistic - making it easy to match & create outfits with them.  It also means that you can (and probably should) take a leaf out of Dev's book and add a signature accessory in a bright hue for a statement look. 

above L-R: Fendi turban and Alexander McQueen gloves

#2 - the leather cap isn't reserved for athleisure kardashion klones 

An accessory I thought was reserved for wealthy yummy mummies always accessorised with 4wd monster prams and huge Gucci monogram belts.  Dev proves that it can be worn by those not born into enormous wealth, entitlement, and extremely ugly fashion sense.  Who'd have thunk it?

above L-R: rag & bone hat and Loewe hat

#3 - make like Raf's CK & wear turtleneck under blazers 

The standout ensembles from Raf Simon's highly anticipated first Calvin Klein show were those with turtlenecks and blazers.

This is a look Dev has been sporting for years.  His ensembles demonstrate the innate practicality and undeniable stylishness of this garment pairing.