4 ways to style the ultimate 'it' bag from Celine

Phoebe Philo's final months at Celine saw the launch of one of the most exciting designer bags in recent times, the clasp.  The clasp comes in two sizes and a variety of colours.  Frankly it could not suit my aesthetic any better - although my bank account completely disagrees.  Unless you're appalling at reading between the lines you've probably already gathered the key feature of the bag - a the clasp.    This provides both added security and vintage elegance.  As usual the colour range Celine offers is the most expansive and impressive of all luxury brands.  If you're not living below the poverty line like yours truly you can also order the mini or medium in exotic animal skins. 

#1 - with all black and a teeny tiny cutesy pet


The mini clasp is surprisingly spacious and has more than enough room to accomodate all the essentials - phone, wallet, keys, and even little plastic bags to pick up your dog's poop. If you're in the thick of winter you can even purchase a wool coat for your pooch that matches your clasp - something Kate Moss rudely neglected to do. 

The mini clasp is especially excellent for winter because it is such a chic addition to a rugged up, layered look.  If you run out of space in the lil bag you can store your belongings in the various other pockets you're adorned with.  


Regularly I would never dream of pairing a vintage-style, brown leather bag with a bright yellow floral print.  Somehow the juxtaposition of this elegant brown bag and sound of music curtain esque coat works.  If there's one thing you should have picked up on by now it's how much I love the outfits that mix together a concoction of styles that are pulled off with confidence.  I think I particularly love it because my personal style is quite bipolar - often blending and mixing vastly different pieces for the fun of it.  

The photo above almost singlehandedly convinced me to purchase this bag.  The boldness of the outfit proves that you can incorporate the traditional, serious style bag into almost any wardrobe.  In fact the more opposing it is from your regular style - the more fashionable you'll appear. 

Could you need any more affirmation that this can the truest trans-seasonal bag on the market?   

above L-R: Etro pants, Maison Margiela, Diane von Furstenberg top & pants

#3 - black + white can be ok, alright


Bippity bop if you clicked on the link and the song is now stuck in your head you have to follow me on instagram.  Sorry I don't make the rules, I just benefit from them. 

Black and white - much oreos it is a beautiful combination that works together perfectly.  Very simple yet everlastingly stylish. 

above L-R: Haider Ackermann top, A.W.A.K.E dress, and Marc Jacobs shirt

#4 - rain hail or shine - keep the clasp lookin fine


First of all - red, navy & tan is almost as much of a 2018 look as entitled and unlikeable.  The hues perfectly complement each other.  What I seriously LOVE about this look is how well the outfit matches the umbrella and brings the entire ensemble together.  I'd never really considered how chic brown leather could be until my eyes were blessed with the sight of this photograph.