5 autumn style lessons from alexa chung

Baby baby it's been a week of firsts for fikus. It's the first time all year I've been able to adorn my pudgy body with turtlenecks and not break into a sweat after walking more than 100 metres.  It's also the first time I've ever received hate mail.  Prior to all the clout I received today, the most popular content on fikus was Alexa Chung's summer style - naturally I chose to write about her Ladyship again.  However fear not, following the feedback, another style stereotypes article is on its way for my many admirers.  In the meantime I'm so proud to introduce this autumn themed ode to Alexa AND announce the title of my first Ready-to-Wear collection, Entitled and Unlikeable

#1 - fashion outerwear into accessories 

I'd always been reluctant to give the 'sweater tied around the shoulders' look a try - however ANYTHING Alexa says goes.  Living in an unpredictable city, like Melbourne, it is extremely important to be prepared for all climates. Accessorising your layers allows you to do so without the necessity to lug around a ginormous eyesore of a bag filled with wooly goods. 

above L-R: Helmut Lang sweater, Cedric Charlier sweater and Helmut Lang sweater

#2 - get flocking to thin stockings 

Another relic of my private school past - semi see-through stockings.  I sported these all throughout my high-school years paired with ankle length skirts.  At the time it seemed unfair and arduous that I had to hide my freshly waxed legs.  Oh how times have changed. This Autumn there is nothing I'll enjoy more than flaunting my long legs hairs that are poking through some Alexa-esque leggings.  

above L-R: Wolford stockings

#3 - a long skirt + light sweater = perfect for trans-seasonal weather 

In case you're extraordinarily far behind, or have simply forgotten, Alexa can do absolutely no wrong, ESPECIALLY when she's sporting a long skirt and turtleneck.  It's an absolute match made in heaven - especially when it involves pointed toe heels & anything Shrimps.  This is the combination I've been dying to sport all year & I'm eternally grateful that the weather is finally here for it.  Don't come for me unless I call for you - in case there was any ambiguity the only thing I've requested is cooler weather, not a salty has-been festering in Fitzroy. 

above L-R: MM6 Maison Margiela sweater, The Elder Statesman sweater and Miu Miu sweater

#4 - you can still wear your fav flimsy blouse - just pair it with a wool-blend trouser 

Possibly the only thing I'll miss from summer is the option to wear flimsy and often see-through blouses whenever I pleased.  Unbelievably Alexa also has a solution for this! You can still sport them - just with the accompaniment of a wool-blend trouser.  This combination is precisely one of my most favourite things about Autumn - the opportunity to combine garments from all seasons and create the perfect temperature balance.