top trends at paris fashion week

The 6th of March saw the cessation of Paris Fashion Week 2018.  As per usual the French fashionistas put their best fashion foot forward.  There are a few lessons we can learn from eternally stylish Parisians, I've tried my best to describe them as succinctly as possible below: 


Moving into the cooler months now is the perfect time to preach how much I adore corduroy for it's various features - both aesthetic and functional.  The warmth from a cord jacket or pair of pants is completely unparalleled by any other fabric - I daresay it provides more cosy comfort than wool. 

Although I'm sure wool is technically warmer it is also incredibly itchy (take it from me - someone who spent a few hours wearing wool pants & then thought my home had been bombarded with fleas due to the extreme uncomfortable itchiness).  Corduroy is so comfortable and now has the Parisan chic tick of approval.    

above L-R: Marc Jacobs jacket, Ann Demeulemeester dress, and Golden Goose Deluxe Brand blazer and trousers

more green than you've ever seen

I was haunted by green for the longest time thanks to my school uniform - an incredible combination of burgundy and bottle green.  Fortunately with five years passed and some serious fashionistas sporting various green hues I've been able to change my mind and contemplate investing in a garment in the patriotically Irish colour.  

One of the best things about this colour is how surprisingly versatile it is.  It looks especially exceptional paired with dark denim and navy blue.  I also love a beautiful pastel pink and green combo.  If you already have a variety of garments in denim, pinks, tans or blues it's probably worth investing in a green piece.  It's a very on trend colour and with add an element of fashion forwardness to any outfit.  

above L-R: Valentino pants, Sacai shirt dress, and Burberry coat

platform sneakers

When I was living in Queensland it was mandatory to wear heels on any night out.  Preferably the tallest Windsor Smiths possible.  Fortunately I was able to find a loophole and discovered platform sneakers.  I was still able to blend in just enough as not to be outrightly ostracised, but also signal to any other queers that I was like them; would they please befriend and save me from the homophobes I was surrounded by (shoutout @the women's college UQ).  

Fast forward four years and here I am in Melbourne still pining after the same style shoe.   This time I'm dreaming about sporting a pair, not as a means of simultaneously blending in but also expressing some individuality, but as a purely fun aesthetic choice.  Moving to a more progressive, fashion city has allowed me the freedom to explore my style.  

It's bittersweet seeing the resurgence of these shoes at PFW, as it's a reminder of my somewhat tragic past, but also a sign that through good decisions I've found myself in a place where I no longer need to blend to exist somewhat comfortably. 

Oh and angst aside, these are just the most comfortable, aesthetically pleasing accessories of the year so you should definitely invest (especially if you're torn between two cities).  

The closest I've come to sporting a hat in recent times is a beret I bought from an op shop.  I wore it to work for an entire day because I'd lost my hair brush & literally only had enough money in my account to afford a soy latte (with a keep cup discount) or a new brush.  Obviously I was forced to choose the former as I would be completely unable to endure a 10 hour shift in customer service without caffeine.  Alas I digress, if there's one thing we can certainly learn from French fashionistas is that hats can serve both functional AND aesthetic purposes.  

It would seem masquerading bad hair days is merely an added bonus to a head touted accessory.  It aids in achieveing such exceptional fashionista status and can functionally complement any outfit in almost all weather.  It's super sunny & humid?  Why not try a Miu Miu visor - you'll save yourself from sunburn and skin cancer.  It's super chilly & windy?  Why not try a firm fitting beret - the wool will keep you cosy & warm - the style of the hat will stop it from promptly falling off in the breeze.