Alexa Chung Winter Style Staples

It's that warm to cold transitional time of year in the southern hemisphere.  The seasons are changing and as fate would have it, so is my employment status.  Now that winter and unemployment are creeping upon me I decided it's the perfect time to once again pay homage to our humble queen, Alexa Chung.  The duchess of timeless style is here to save the day.  Following Alexa's lead and investing in the 5 key winter pieces below (or finding them in the relics at the back of your wardrobe) will keep you super toasty AND save you money this winter.  You're welcome. 

Fur trimmed jacket 

The beauty of this jacket is both its EXTRAORDINARY WARMTH and EXTREME VERSATILITY.  It's wonderful for the cooler months because it is the perfect key to layering.  During the begginings of winter you can throw it over jeans or a tshirt for some insulation.  In the depths of the cold you can layer several knitted jumpers underneath.   

As shown by Alexa you can sport one of these with jeans and boots for an androgynous baddie look or mix it up over the top of a dress and super girly ballet flats for a femme vibe.  The proof or in this case versatility is in the pudding.  

This is such a fun garment to wear, it's almost as if you're playing dress up.  It allows you to convince yourself you have your life together somewhat and a pretty little trust fund to tap into.  If you can't spend like an Conneticut heiress you may as well look like one. 

The thick, oversized cable knit sweaters below are perfect for layering with thinner knitwear.  This particular type of knitwear also looks incredible with Alex'a favourite winter jeans discussed below. The jumper will keep you unbelievably snug & warm during the dreary winter months. 

Above L-R: La Ligne sweater, Saint Laurent sweater, and Ulla Johnson sweater

straight leg blue jeans

These pants are almost mum jean-esque but you couldn't tell by the way Alexa elegantly pulls them off.  As always comfort is key and my number one priority - thus I've duly noted to mid - high rise waist of said jeans.  For me personally I find mid rise to be the most comfortable - it has the room to accommodate a belly full of pasta yet is still extraordianrily flattering. 

Above L-R: Madewell jeans, Goldsign jeans, and Helmut Lang jeans

black boots

Oh the humble black ankle boot, an international treasure I dimissed all but a year ago as being completely sullied by normies.  If only I'd known a mere 12 months later I'd be crawling back to you.  My fat ass substantially more broke than the previous year I'm clinging to the sliver of hope given by Alexa that this longtime wardrobe staple can in fact be fashionable.  

Beanies are perfect for sub zero temperatures, perfect for bad hair days - what more could you want?  This classic winter staple is 300% Alexa approved - could you need a better reason to invest in one?