Alexa Chung trans-seasonal style staples

As a poor binch I’ve learnt to enjoy the simple things in life.  By simple I mean free.  A year old lollipop from the doctors surgery;  a burnt lactose infused coffee from a coupon that leaves me on the toilet for hours; and most importantly the pure joy of scrolling through endless photographs of Alexa Chung’s innate and essential style.  Obviously the latter is far more enjoyable than the former - hence I’ll be endeavouring to do that more.  In fact I’m so devoted to enjoying Alexa’s outfits more that I’ve decided to write yet another article about her style staples.

Staying true to the theme of my self induced poverty (saving is a bitch), I’ve decided to explore her trams seasonal style staples - i.e. pieces you can wear year round and allow the most bang for your buck. 



Honestly there’s no item I’ve been more skeptical of than the humble espadrille.  It really has the notoriety of been frequently spotted by basic trust fund babies and thus was something I tried to steer completely clear of. 

My recent investment in a pair of espadrille ballerina hybrids is a testament to how great Alexa’s influence over me is.  The wonderful thing about Miu Miu’s ballerina espadrilles is that they’re the perfect mix of summer and winter - ergo catch me sporting them year round. You’re welcome. 

Your girl successfully made it through puberty and the better part of the mid to late 2000s without ever donning a mini skirt.  For that I thank anorexia and body dysmorphia, as well as my conservative, Catholic mother. Lo and behold the year is now 2018 and I've finally realised the beauty of donning these bad boys both in and out of the bedroom.  Never again will I overlook the versatility of a tartan mini skirt.  A wardrobe staple for any preppy babe AND the cornerstone to any sexy school girl outfit.  

Stockings are the ultimate trans-seasonal style staple.  These bad boys allow you to wear garments you thought were completely restricted to the summer season year round! Your favourite teeny dress?  Wear some wool stockings underneath and a wool coat over the top and you're good to go! Sometimes Alexa pairs your stock standard black stockings with fancy cocktail dresses.  The juxtaposition is extraordinarily chic and a fashion statement and a half. 

These shoes are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine and are arguably the most timeless of all footwear.  What evidence do I have to support this?  Well the dates of the photos above vary from 2004 until 2018.  Alexa looks every bit the stylish madden in all of these photos.  

I was first introduced to the beauty of the velvet blazer by my two true loves - Yoyo and Young Thug.  Ever since the early days of our relationship one of my & yoyo's favourite things to do together is go op shopping.  We have a hilarious track record with it.  On the second day of us officially dating we were experiencing a bad hangover as we walked to my favourite op shop with some hot chippies.  Upon our arrival one of the volunteers advised us that somebody had in fact just shat in the changeroom and to steer clear.  In between laughing hysterically about the situation and hypothesizing about what time of individual would commit such a heinous act Yonnas found the most fabulous velvet blazer.  We discussed how incredibly Thugger-esque it was and I convinced him to purchase it.  Since sporting it regularly myself over the last twelve months I've come to realise it's extreme versatility and practicality in all seasons. 

above L-R: Etro blazer, Saint Laurent blazer, and FRAME blazer

red mary-janes 

Cute, chic and extraordinarily trans-seaonsal - what's not to love? Mary Janes are a shoe that should not be overlooked.  They instil an extraordinary sense of femininity while also remaining versatile and comfortable.  They are perfect for a wide array of occasions - the heel makes them perfect for job interviews and work.  The patent leather allows optimum protective from scuffing - i.e. resistant to filthy club/pub floors.  Pair them with dresses and stockings in the winter; jeans and a button up in autumn; and with a mini skirt and graphic tee in summer.  

above L-R: Chanel python CC flats and Chanel Patent leather CC flats (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

hair clips

One of my fondest memories from childhood is venturing to the local fabric store with my mum on weekends.  We would spend hours finding burgundy and bottle green ribbons to create hair accessories that were within the school uniform guidelines.  It was a small, albeit extremely meaningful way, I was able to express myself without stepping outside the bounds of acceptability and earning myself a detention.  The highlight of my primary school career was the various accolades I received for said hair accessories, specifically a ginormous bow crafted from the beautiful blassic catholic school tartan.  

Since graduating and discovering the freedom that is wearing my hair down, even when its length is past my chin, I haven't sported any hair accessories.  However seeing the above collage of Alexa's fashion forward hair slides, head bands, and hair clips, I've decided to venture back down the road of hair accessories.  You should join me.