ballerina: a 2018 spring moodboard

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There's something so beautiful about how juxtaposing the features of ballet seem.  In one way in the opulent audiences make the sport seem frivolous; yet on the other hand the psychicality is incredible and a spectacle of human strength.

I'm not sure why but I always come back to juxtaposition being the cornerstone of fashion forwardness. For my ballerina outfits I love to explore both of these sides - I love a cute frivolously, overly feminine skirt or dress with some chunky, overly masculine shoes.  When shopping and planning my outfits for this upcoming spring I like to think of myself as some sort of principal ballerina cross wealthy old donor hybrid.  


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Seeing this goofy binch in a pair of heels is SUCH a rarity.  The fact that I'm advocating for these Celine bad boys is a testament to how extraordinarily comfortable they are.  I can say with some certainty these are the only heels comfy enough to piruette in. 

above L-R Celine ballet pumps in: pink, tan, and black


The first person who introduced me to the true versatility of the tulle dress was fashion blogger Susie Lau.  After seeing the above photographs of her sporting them on top of jeans I realised i absolutely NEEDED a piece of this dress up fun.  I love the playfullness of these dresses - there is something quite naive and childlike about them; yet they remain innately feminine at the same time.  

These tulle dresses can be worn on their own with heels for night time functions.  They can be worn in cooler months over the top of your outfits for extra fashionista status.  Is there anything I love more than a playful piece that's also trans-seasonal AND versatile? 

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If you're not ready to dive into the ballerina deep end simply sport a tulle skirt with some sneakers and a regular t-shirt. If you're feeling a little ecentric, take a leaf out of Susie Bubble's book & pair over the top of your favourite jeans - fashion forward and cute! If you're looking for some excitement and feeling prima ballerina sport one of these with a body suit, wrap cardigan, and some ballet flats.  The world is your stage princess! 

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The beauty of body suits is their versatility and unassuming practicality.  You can sport them on their own with some cute shoes for dress up parties & themed club nights; they double as a slip underneath your transparent dresses and skirts; and you can simply sport them as a top with any other outfit.  The first suggestion below is a thong bodysuit so you can add a fourth use - baby making outfit.  Your hubbies can thank me later.

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Wrap tops are perfect for layering - you can sport them on their own in summer or layer them over the top of turtlenecks in the cooler months.