can't afford to live in paris? dress like you do anyway!

Top 5 Parisian Girl style staples

Parisian living is something that has long alluded me.  Since I saw the film Madeline at age four and fell in love with berets and bonjour - thus began an obsession with all thing Parisian.  At age six I found a baby name book in my living room and discovered the origin of my name is in fact French.  This was the tipping point for me to create an imaginary alternate universe where I'm a Parisian girl.  I've played this imaginary world out in my head for a good 16 years now.  In essence it's been much the same as my ordinary life, only I'm always wearing a beret. 

After dipping my toe precariously into the world of fashion, I've decided it's time I upgraded my French alter ego's style.  Buckle up fellow French wannabes, it's time to explore the top five Parisian style staples. 

1. timeless celine bag

Maybe I'm biased and brainwashed from my short stint working at Celine, but I truly do believe their bags are the creme de la designer creme.  Truly the only other contender that comes close to the craftsmanship and quality is Hermes.  Celine's bag designs totally embody the Parisian girls' style.  Although the entry price point is quite a bit higher than most designer brands, a Celine bag is one of the best purchases one can make.  A Celine bag will literally become a family heirloom for DECADES to come.  A testament to this is the amazing quality most vintage Celine bags remain in, despite how overused and neglected they may have been. 

Personally I'm a broke binch so although I believe in the power of investment I have to go the second hand route (which there is no shame in).  If you plan on going this way I'd HIGHLY recommend going through a consignment store that has a professional authentication process (i.e. not grailed).

above L-R: Celine medium edge bag, Celine medium classic box bag, and Celine mini clasp bag (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

2. blue straight leg jeans

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - blue straight leg jeans are the cornerstone to any versatile, trans-seasonal wardrobe.  Although they may seem like a basic binch staple, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll end up sporting these endlessly.  The versatility need not be mentioned - it speaks for itself.  Pair them with a light weight blouse and sandals in summer.  Pair them with stockings, a warm jumper, and a comfy overcoat in winter.  You cannot go wrong with these jeans.  They are flattering and comfortable for every body - that statement means A LOT coming from a binch with a little chubby pouch.  They are an absolute must-have - wannabe Parisienne or not. 

above L-R: Goldsign Jeans, E.L.V Denim jeans, and Madewell jeans

3. silk blouse 

Whenever I'm wearing a high quality, luxurious fabric, such as silk or cashmere, I instantly feel more Euro-Glam.  The beauty of a button down silk blouse is rather similar to the straight leg jeans.  You can LITERALLY, and I mean LIT-ER-ALLY, wear it in any season.  The only thing required to harness it's trans-seaonality is to perfect the art of layering.  The first suggestion I've included below is a little out there.  But come on - if you're trying to imitate a Parisian binch you may as well pretend to be front & centre at PFW! 

above L-R: Hillier Bartley blouse, The Row blouse, and Stella McCartney blouse

4. classic trench coat

Ah the beauty of the humble trench coat - waterproof & insulating! What more could you want?  Honestly I've been super hesitant to invest in one - mostly because they've always screamed basic bitch to me.  However! Every god damn single time I've tried one on I've felt effortlessly French.  It's time for both of us to invest - let's take the plunge together! 

above L-R: Burberry coat, A.P.C coat, and Burberry coat

5. comfortable sling-back mules

Parisienne women tend to favour a lower heeled sling-back.  This is extremely practical as it allows you go from day to night exceptionally easily.  Wear your sling backs with a cute silk blouse, straight leg trousers, and a trench and you're set for almost any occasion! Work? Check. Brunch? Check. After work cocktails? Check.  Date? Check.  I'm telling you these Frenchmen have it all figured out!