top trends emerging from fashion month

We are almost finished fashion month. Four weeks of trials and tribulations - did your favourite fashion house bring the goods or utterly disappoint? Were you inspired by the plethora of street style photographs or were you overwhelmingly underwhelmed? For me it was a mix of both. I’m still awaiting Celine’s first show post Pheobe Philo’s departure and Hedi Slimane’s inception. I’ve decided to distract my Philo-favouring nerves by exploring the top trends we’ve seen emerge thus far. I’m truly committed to saving over the next 10 months (London is calling) so I’ve included both boujee AND broke options. I feel almost as transparent as clubs that only use gender neutral toilet signs on certain club nights. Ah well, fake it until you make it.

lurex socks & stockings

above: Prada, Acne Studios, and Marc Jacobs

If you haven’t already jumped on board with the lurex socks trend you’re missing out! They are such an easy, fun addition to any wardrobe. A truly wonderful way to spice up any outfit. Colour co-ordinate them with your favourite top for maximum fashionista vibes.

boujee options

above L-R: Fendi socks, Off-White socks, and Dolce & Gabbana socks

broke binch options

above Cotton On socks L-R: Embroidered, Sporty sparkle stripe, and Dorothy sparkle

tie dye

above L-R: Proenza Schouler, Collina Strada, and R13

I have such mixed feelings about this trend. A large part of my childhood & adolescence revolved around tie dye - be it dying my own garments for fun or sporting them in my ‘vegan namaste’ phase (thank god I never went through with my ‘om’ tattoo idea). For the most part I have fond memories of my own experience wearing tie dye. I simultaneously smile and cringe when recalling said moments for my past.

Despite all of this I’m ready to jump on board. The wonderful thing about throwback trends is you’re likely to find a plethora in op shops. Who doesn’t love some good second-hand and savings?

Also let it be known for those who don’t have hands on experience - tie dying is a super fun DIY activity. It’s a wholesome project you can do with younger family members in the upcoming festive season.

boujee options

above Cotton On pieces L-R: Retro socks, Tabitha Twist top, and The Original Sock

lime green on lime green

above L-R: Michael Kors, Versace, and Rejina Pyo

Do you ever have those moments where you realise, “oh my god, my mother is a genius and actually IS always right”. Personally, I’m having one of those right now. Lime green is my mother’s favourite colour. I remember when I first moved to Melbourne, I was desperately attempting to assimilate, I threw out all my coloured garments and replaced them with various shades of black. Amongst these colourful causalities was a lime green sweater that had been an absolute staple in my wardrobe for YEARS. My new hipster friends had once caught a glimpse of it and spruiked that it was the ugliest thing they’d ever seen. I wish I hadn’t been such a cliche teenager and listened to the words of “cool” people over my own flesh & blood. Imagine if I’d had the foresight and wisdom to realise one day those very people would be paying big bucks for exact replicas of my sweater (see: vintage Issey Miyake below).

The trend is lime ON lime so make sure you pair two or more pieces in the same hue. Also, listen to your mama’s, otherwise you might regret it!

boujee option

above L-R: No Ka’ Oi purse, vintage Issey Miyake top, and Prada sneakers

broke binch option

above Factorie pieces L-R: Fitted top, Sandals, and A-Line Skirt

bucket hats

above: Anna Sui, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Michael Kors

Yet another trend I know my mother would be 100% on board with. Who doesn’t love a fashion statement that involves optimum UV protection? Chic and melanoma-free - I for one could not be more excited! Perfect for the upcoming festival season and warmer weather. However I’d probably advise against wearing them to the clubs, lest you wish to be the biggest wanker in the establishment.

boujee options

above L-R: Fenty x Puma hat, GANNI hat, and Burberry hat

broke binch options