susie bubble style lessons

British babe Susie Lau, affectionately known as Susie Bubble, is my ultimate favourite fashion blogger. Known for her eccentric style and impeccable outfit co-ordination, Susie is a shining example of how juxtaposition is the crux of fashion. Although I usually tend to favour timelessness when purchasing garments, I’ve begun to challenge myself to experiment more. There is no better shining example than Susie. Without further ado, here are a few leaves I’ll be taking out of her book.

tulle over denim is a winning combination

British designer, Molly Goddard, has the most beautiful garments I’ve ever seen. They would even make Shrek look like a sex siren! Yet I’ve never seen anyone sport them better than Susie. Again I come back to the juxtaposition element of outfit co-ordination. There is no better shining example of this than tulle over denim.

above L-R: APIECE APART jeans, Gucci jeans, and MSGM jeans

a paisley patterned suit can be your quirky cornerstone

What’s not to love about a power suit? You can wear the trousers and blazer as separates or together depending on the occasion. A floral patterned suit is a super fun take on the garconne wardrobe essential.

above L-R: Anna Sui suit, ALEXACHUNG suit, and Gucci suit

stockings with sneakers may bring cheers from the bleachers

I thought this look was simply reserved for nurses and corporate women power-walking to and from the office. Susie particularly favours metallic and platform sneakers. It turns out stockings are a fun way to warm up your favourite summer outfits; as well as dress up your favourite sneakers.

Because I have such short, stumpy legs I tend to favour sheer stocking as they make me look less rotund (or at least I like to think so).

above L-R: Stella McCartney sneakers, Marc Jacobs sneakers, and Balenciaga sneakers

pink & green should always be seen

A combination you’re far more likely to spot in the children’s section, Susie proves that a pink & green combination can be refreshingly fun and fashion forward! For a really playful outfit pair some neon green and pastel pink. For a more casual option try khaki green with a dark pink hue.

In the past I’ve found the best way to ensure you try a new colour combination is to purchase a garment made of said hues. The below options are fun and playful yet remain super versatile.

above L-R: Diesel dress, Marni bag, and Bambah dress

bequeath a slip dress with a turtleneck underneath

This is a wonderful way to utilise your summer dresses in the cooler months. In true Style Bubble style, Susie pairs two very contrasting garments. If you want to emulate her signature look go for a bold patterned turtleneck with a fun coloured slip over the top.