3 style lessons from Dev Hynes

Dev Hynes is the music, dance and fashion extraordinaire responsible for producing some of this century's most influential albums, including Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen and True by Solange.  His own solo projects under the pseudonym Blood Orange have helped me enormously endure early adulthood.  He's besties with the ultimate British it crowd - including Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe & Pixie Geldof - between the four of them I've found my style influences for the past 10 years.  

Below are 3 styles lessons that can be learnt from Dev's wardrobe.  Hopefully these are even a fraction as informative as the sex education I received at a rural Catholic school.  

#1 - add a lil red to an otherwise simple ensemble 

It's common to have a wardrobe that is mostly compromised of blacks and whites.  For the most part this is a great thing as they are simplistic - making it easy to match & create outfits with them.  It also means that you can (and probably should) take a leaf out of Dev's book and add a signature accessory in a bright hue for a statement look. 

above L-R: Fendi turban and Alexander McQueen gloves

#2 - the leather cap isn't reserved for athleisure kardashion klones 

An accessory I thought was reserved for wealthy yummy mummies always accessorised with 4wd monster prams and huge Gucci monogram belts.  Dev proves that it can be worn by those not born into enormous wealth, entitlement, and extremely ugly fashion sense.  Who'd have thunk it?

above L-R: rag & bone hat and Loewe hat

#3 - make like Raf's CK & wear turtleneck under blazers 

The standout ensembles from Raf Simon's highly anticipated first Calvin Klein show were those with turtlenecks and blazers.

This is a look Dev has been sporting for years.  His ensembles demonstrate the innate practicality and undeniable stylishness of this garment pairing. 


Top trends at Copenhagen fashion week

If you're anything like me, using Pinterest as your primary news source, you'll know that the popularity of Scandinavian design has skyrocketed over the last few years.  A testament to this rise in popularity is the massive influx of Scandi inspired decor in pretty much any store that stocks homewares. 

There are certain parallels between Scandinavian interior design and fashion.  Both share three of the same key elements: minimalism, functionality, and carefully selected colour palettes.  One of the major differences we see between interior and fashion is colour palettes. 

All three of the aforementioned elements where on show at Copenhagen fashion week.  One of the standout shows during the week was Danish label, Ganni.  The founder and creative director, Ditte Reffstrup, shared some words about what inspires her designs, words we can learn from and implement into our own wardrobes and styling.  

"I am inspired by the girls of Copenhagen. They have something effortless about them, which I always look to when designing. Their sense of style derives from their way of living – they want to be able to bike around town all day, but also go dancing with their friends at night without having to change their clothes. No restrictions, just comfort and coolness."

This is incredibly reminiscent of my personal style philosophy and completely sums up everything I try to emulate and exude in my outfits.  I prioritise functionality both as a stylistic choice and out convenience.  I love a look that is relaxed and comfortable, yet polished.  Out of sheer laziness I cannot be bothered with multiple outfit changes (+ the burden of carrying around spare clothes) - so I ensure my outfits are minimal and I play with different colour palettes to enable me to make a fashion statement without forgoing comfort. 


#1 - Lavender

Lavender is the new millenial pink and I for one could not be more overjoyed.  My skin has such reddish undertones that my boyfriend claims he cannot tell when I do or do not have pimples as my entire face is pink.  Lavender has a beautiful cool tone that suits literally every skin type (including my own ghastly pale pimply pink).

above L-R: J.Crew pants, Alexander McQueen glasses and Mansur Gavriel sweater

#2 - mixing pink, red & orange 

As a child I was overwhelmingly obsessed with three things: pigs, the colour pink & sweet chilli sauce.  When I was nine years old I was finally allowed to adopt a piglet, I appropriately named him Chilli.  That's two of my three obsessions ticked off the list, which just leaves the colour pink.  I wore any garment I could get my hands on in any blush-like tone.  When I couldn't find pink I'd use the next best thing - red or orange.  Pairing all three together was the absolutel trifecta! My mother was horrified and often insisted that pink and red completely clash and cannot be worn together.  These fashionistas have proven me correct and I could not be more overjoyed. 

above L-R: Philosophy de lorzenzo Serafini cable knit top, Maggie Marilyn pants and sweater  and MGSM cotton sweater


#3 - bumbags 

I wholeheartedly believed the bumbag trend would be well and truly overdone by now.  However, the angels above have instilled faith in me that it can still be A LOOK if it's paired with the correct outfit.  I particularly love each of the colour palettes the individuals above have selected.  Furthermore the bumbag is exceptionally functional so it works perfectly with Scandi inspired outfits. 

above L-R: Prada belt bag, Valentino belt bag and Miu Miu belt bag

#4 - colour coordinating with your companion 

A power couple move or pure coincidence?  It's unlikely that we'll know for sure.  However I for one could not be more overjoyed.  This is primary evidence that my boyf and I accidentally always matching, due to our completely merged wardrobe, is in fact not only good thing, but an entire fashion statement.  

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5 melbourne inner-north style stereotypes

I have very fond associations with Melbourne's inner north - Fitzroy was the first suburb I resided in upon moving to Melbourne. 

Prior to moving to the epicentre of gentrification I resided in a teeny town in Queensland that is part of Australia's most conservative electorate.  I'd been counting down the days until I would graduate high school and begin my undergraduate degree at the University of Queensland.  Alas I was disappointed by what awaited me which was essentially just incredibly cliquey, homophobic girls from the country competing to see who could eat the least a meal times.  I was immediately taken by the idea of moving to a more challenging, progressive city.   

Relocating to Fitzroy, although exciting, was initially a challenging experience. I became intrigued by clothing's role as a social marker and how's there's an unspoken, implied formula for dressing to whichever group you desire to fit into.  

Fashion's role as a social marker has increased tenfold since the rise of social media.  In a climate where one's instagram aesthetic is their persona and follower count is a currency - branding and marketing oneself becomes of the utmost importance (especially if you have dreams of being featured on Vice).  It then becomes easier and easier to gauge how one should behave with said individuals based on their social media accounts.  

What's interesting is the various fashion formulas - I don't believe style is something innate I believe it's something learned.  You can manipulate and change your style based on who you want to interact with and how you wish to be perceived in society.  

Which all seems very sociological and serious for an article that is ultimately one massive self drag.  Without further ado here are the top 5 inner-north style subgroups:

the bdsm matrix 

This is the quintessential 'I devised a clear, concise way to brand myself instead of developing a personality' subgroup.

+ 10 points if they're signed to a modelling agency that brags about being progressive yet only seems to sign gigi hadid lookalikes

favourite pieces

high waisted camouflage pants (especially that orange/red colour way), white cotton corset, leather pants, red puffer jacket, chunky ass platform black boots

favourite places to shop, that one sex store on Brunswick St that has an expansive range of chokers and dog collars.

style icons 

sarah snyder, marilyn manson

the chav/slav appropriators 

In defense of this group their aesthetic is basically current high fashion streetwear to a tee.  Additionally they are the least likely of the five groups to pretend they don't know you, despite having been introduced multiple times. 

favourite pieces

tns, bum bags

favourite places to shop

hype dc, nike (primarily the melbourne central store for its close proximity to the state library), perks and mini, ssense

style icons


the seaside linen lady

This group is compromised primarily of the future Northcote mums.  If I had to make an educated guess 80% of the people in this group are majoring in gender studies at Melbourne uni.

For reasons unbeknownst to me there is always half a papaya featured in 90% of their photographs.  Perhaps a purely aesthetic accessory, perhaps an ode to their fitspiration filled past. 

favourite pieces

linen apron dress, off the shoulder ruffle sleeve top (plus ten points if it's in mustard), platform sandals/slides, suede mules

favourite places to shop

sister studios, gorman

style icons


the early 2000s daddy issues 

This subgroup has a lot less consistency with branding themselves - it could be due to more authenticity or less dedication.  What's pretty perplexing is their incessant complaints about being broke yet still living under their parents roof & dime.  A fun game to play when surrounded by these individuals is to guess who their favourite on 'The Simple Life' was.  Determining whether they consider themselves a Paris or a Nicole may aid your ability to have a decent interaction. 

favourite pieces

Anything with the playboy logo, fake Burberry, unforgiving midriff and/or garments over-embellished with diamantes. 

favourite places to shop

depop, o-mighty

style icons

Paris Hilton, Hello Kitty

the 'minimalist' (borderline basic bitch)

It is in fact the stereotype I believe I fit into.  While I'm not going to pretend it's extraordinarily original; I do believe, compared to all of the aforementioned, it is the most nuanced, universally stylish aesthetic.  However of course I think it's the best if it's the stereotype I subscribe to.

favourite pieces

levis 501s in that one particular blue hue (you know the one i mean), black turtleneck, culottes, black loafers/brogues, well-used beige tote bag 

favourite places to shop

PPENNYLANE selling fb group, COS, Incu

style icons

alexa chung, chloe sevigny



5 ways to style white pants

It's a good thing weight loss wasn't one of my new years resolutions because today I'm eating a lot of my words.   A mere few months ago I labelled white pants the feminine version of tanned chinos - in other words, a garment worn primarily by those suckling from their trust funds.  However like all outspoken, attention hungry jokesters I've seen the error of my ways and am taking back an opinion I once expressed for laughs.   

Upon stumbling on a pair of $3 white culottes at Savers yesterday, I realised what I've been missing out on.  The pants accommodated both my butt and my chubby tummy so they were an immediate yes.  They came in under $5.73 (the amount left in my savings account), so they matched every criterion I could possibly think of.  

With $2.73 left in my bank account & a pair of white pants that magically conceal my cellulite, it's time to dream up the endless outfit combinations I'll soon be sporting (when I manage to find a buyer for my left kidney). 

1. striped button up & pink loafers

above: Celine striped shirts in cotton and silk

If you'd shown me a photo of pink loafers this time last year, I would have laughed at how garishly ghastly they were.  However upon broadening my fashionista horizons I've found that pink loafers, such as the ones below, can add an element of childish fun & regal-like class to almost any outfit.

The Prada loafers in particular inspired me to pair pink hues with baby blues.   

above L-R: Equipment oscar cashmere turtleneck, The Row lexer cashmere turtleneck and Burberry dawson ribbed turtleneck sweater

Black turtlenecks are the number one staple in my wardrobe.  At any given time I'll brag about their eternal timelessness and utter versatility to anyone that will listen.  Given my absolute passion for them and my previous musings about their wondrous ways (found here and here) I feel there is little that needs to be said about them in this article.

above L-R: McQ Alexander McQueen printed t-shirt, Prada printed t-shirt and Saint Laurent printed t-shirt

I absolutely adore an all white outfit combo for full cult leader aesthetics.  Whenever I'm sporting white pants with a white top I appropriately feel like the second coming of Christ.  Though you'll never find me within a mile of a born-again church, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be sporting this colour-blocked cultish combination all year long. 

4. dark high neck tee & black sneakers

above: Acne Studios - high neck tees

Holy moly I wish chunky-ass ozweego-esque black sneakers had come into fashion five years ago.  Better yet, I wish I'd had the insight that they'd been in vogue in 2018.  If only I'd known, I wouldn't have sent my chunky asiscs school sports shoes to the nearest op shop immediately upon high school graduation. Ah well, the beauty of hindsight aye. 

above L-R: Vetements + Reebok Instapump, Fendi embellished sneaker, GANNI satin-twill sneaker


5. oversized pastel sweater & white blouse

above Acne Studios Deniz Wool in: light pink, light blue, and camel

My favourite thing about this incredibly preppy get-up in that you can convince yourself you're a trust fund baby rebelling against your wealthy family for the lols.  When in reality, you're not living that povo life for a rebellious social experiment, but as the result of an unfortunately dealt hand in this crappy capitalist society.  

It's been proven that mediocre children from wealthy families are presented more opportunities than brilliant children from poor families.  If you disguise yourself in this trust fund guzzling get-up perhaps you can fool the elite upper middle class into granting you some nepotistic favours.  

above L-R: Isabel Marant nutson blouse, Stella McCartney eva silk blouse and Tuxe Bodywear pussy-bow body suit

Hopefully these suggestions, unlike any of my PASS classes last year, were actually of some use.  If you're looking for more inspiration check out this pinterest board. 

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A CLAIRvoyant's 2018 trend predictions

2017 was the year for appropriating Chav culture.  Fortunately the passing of another 12 Gregorian months often means we can strive to implement new trends.  Below are some suggestions for garments that I believe will blow up in 2018.  Perhaps track some down and give your knock off von dutch crop top and tns a much needed rest.   

long denim skirts

Thanks to Chloe this early 2000s fashion staple is being brought back and much like my food portions it will be big.  Before her devastating departure from the role, Chloe's creative director Clare Waight Keller delivered one of the most phenomenal fashion shows of our time, SS16.  In my opinion the SS16 Paris show single-handedly brought back the long denim skirt and wide leg, baggy jeans. 

above L-R: Miu Miu denim maxi skirt, See by Chloe pleated denim maxi and Vetements x Carhartt denim maxi

where to look for inspiration

Chloe SS16 Paris Fashion week, Lizzie McGuire 

wear it with 

Pair a long denim skirt with a high neck tee.  The juxtaposition of the prudish skirt length and casual nature of the shirt will result in an effortlessly stylish, polished look. 

As much as I loved the millennial pink takeover, there's a new bish on the block.  It's time to welcome lavender with open arms. 

I received the tip off for this forthcoming trend from my effortlessly stylish, endlessly angelic friend Amelia.  

The beautiful thing about colour trends is you can purchase one piece in a style you consistently wear and implement it into your wardrobe with ease. 

above L-R: Gucci blazer, Marni button up and Holzweiler scarf

Where to look for inspiration

Young Thug's 'Jeffery' album cover

wear it with


The final and most adoptable trend is inspired by both Alexa Chung's fashion line and the much cherished Skins character Cook.  I've decided of my own volition to go ahead and announce that polos are going to be big in 2018.  

One thing that really attracts me to polos is the ability to dress it up or down and play on some traditional working class uniforms.  Particularly I love the reminiscence of public school uniforms in Australia.  

For me one of the most wonderful things about this trend is the fact it's an ode to my lower middle class origins. 

above L-R: Alexander Wang metallic polo, Tibi wool blend polo and ALEXACHUNG red ruffle sleeve polo


Where to look for inspiration 

Cook from Skins, Lil Yachty 

wear it with

mom jeans for a casual look or leather culottes for full fashionista get up 


build your 2018 designer wardrobe in one transaction

the best pieces in this season's net-a-porter sale

The fantastic thing about purchasing your entire year's wardrobe at the same time is you can be 100% certain that you will be able to mix and match the garments with a wide array of outfit options.  You'll also be able to avoid the temptation of fast fashion shite that will literally fall apart after a couple of washes.  Furthermore, if I've said it once I've said it a hundred times, but it's an investment and you'll end up not only saving, but possibly making dosh in the long run. 



Ribbed knit-trimmed quilted shell down jacket - $391

As someone that naturally sports a little tummy I was apprehensive about investing in a puffer jacket.  Yet upon purchasing my first I realised that the complete opposite occurs - nobody knows what's underneath. 

Furthermore the humble puffer has become a staple in every it girl's fashion week wardrobe.  It well and truly accomodates and disguise post pasta belly and keeps you insanely warm.  



Retro metallic-paneled leather sneakers - $290


Ah the humble loafer, dress it up or dress it down.   

On a personal, and somewhat unrelates, note - as I write this article my period is approximately 7 weeks late.  I'm comforted by two things, firstly the fact that I've been clinically 'diagnosed' as infertile, secondly that if my seriously out of shape body were to miraculously conceive at least I'd have a Miu Miu heirloom to pass onto my little darling.  

Perhaps I could sell them for a pretty penny to invest in some contraception. That way I wouldn't have to think myself into a panic about my unborn child's future being tainted by my innate selfishness (and quell said anxiety by spending $400+ on shoes). 



Pleated organza-trimmed silk-jersey T-shirt -$158

For $158 you can have this incredible designer piece for less money than a mediocre night at Lounge. This shirt needs little introduction or justification.  A haute take on the classic black t-shirt.  It would be patronising for me to explain its versatility or necessity in the modern garçon's wardrobe.  


Open-back cotton-jersey T-shirt - $219

Constructed of wool these are the perfect pants for cooler weather.  Remember wool is a natural, breathable fibre so you can wear them when it's warmer with a t-shirt or singlet and sandals.  


Asymmetric pleated striped cotton and chiffon wrap skirt - $795

These 100% cotton culottes are super versatile and, unlike my seasonal depressive ass, work in all kinds of weather.  



Wool sweater - $180

Sacai have yet again mesmerised and amazed with this turtleneck.  Like yours truly the knit is super thick and will keep you warm in winter.  Due to the oversized style you can layer it lots in the cold weather or wear it alone in the more mild autumnal months.  

Potentially the best factor is the removable turtleneck - absolutely mind blowing and convenient - 2 jumpers for the price of one! 


5 Summer Style Lessons from Alexa Chung

There is an effortless ease to the way model-turned-designer Alexa Chung dresses.  Despite being one of the world's most renowned models, her style is appealing to women of various sizes.  Usually I find it really difficult to be inspired by models' style as it usually does not flatter nor accommodate my lil tummy and chubby thighs.  However with Alexa there are so many elements of her wardrobe and outfit coordination that I admire.

When i was researching for this article I was unable to determine what year any of the photos were from - a testament to the timelessness of her style.  After hours upon hours of scrolling through pinterest boards dedicated to the deity herself, I've compiled a list of the style lessons I learnt.  In light of the festive season approaching, and capitalism's rampant encouragement of spending - the garment suggestions I've included are mostly ready-to-wear high fashion.  We're all meaningless cogs in the wheel of consumerism - why not be the best dressed while mindlessly partaking in it.  I've included a half-assed justification for most of the super expensive pieces - one that you can repeat to yourself or you newest match on seeking arrangement.  

#1 - pair your favourite girly dresses with comfy sneakers

There is a certain eclecticism to the way Alexa dresses.  Something I personally attempt to emulate.  It gives the impression of being effortlessly stylish and somewhat wordly (something I'm trying to signal to others). As someone who primarily dresses androgynous - the idea of a super floral dress is somewhat intimidating.  It is far more approachable seeing Alexa pull it off with high-top sneakers.  It is a great way to ensure not only supreme comfort, but also maintain a sense of tom-boyishness.   

Above L-R: R13 floral maxiIsabel Marat chiffon midi; and ALEXACHUNG cotton voile maxi

#2 - ballet flats didn't die in the 2000s

Wowee - what a blast from the past! My last memory of these bad boys is trying to wear them to my Catholic school in 2008. It's a somewhat tainted memory as I spent the entire lunch break in detention for violating the uniform policy.  However the lovely Alexa demonstrates how effortlessly stylish these shoes can be - something I deemed to be impossible as they'd always struck me as being quite mumsy.  They're a great summer alternative to loafers.  Take a leaf out of Alexa's book and pair them with your favourite straight leg jeans this summer. 

Above L-R: Gianvito Rossi patent ballet flats; The Row lace-up ballet flats; and Miu Miu ballet flats

#3 - when it comes to makeup - basic is best 

I never thought I would utter (or type for that matter) the phrase 'basic is best' yet here we are.  As a super sweaty binch i know sweating off my makeup is absolutely inevitable.  I like to follow Alexa's suit and remain barefaced - perhaps using a bold lipstick and waterproof masscara for special occasions.

Above L-R: Burberry sepia no.85; Burberry bright plum no.101; and Burberry rose pink no.33

#4  - the warmer weather doesn't mean your favourite boots have to hibernate

This one probably seems like a no-brainer to some of you.  However you'd be surprised how few labels include boots in their spring/summer collections.  Additionally it's common to hear fashion snobs refer to boots as 'winter shoes' and treat wearing them trans-seasonally as a cardinal sin. 

As alexa shows they can be paired with a wide array of summer outfits - dresses, denim cut offs, leather mini skirts, floral maxis, virtually anything - in literally EVERY season.  Thus it's totally justifiable for you to splurge on the Gucci or Saint Laurent boots shown below.  

The fine Italian craftsmanship of these designer shoes ensures they will literally last a last time.  Furthermore they're completely trans-seasonal and timeless.  With regular polishing and visits to the shoe-smith these could soon become a family heirloom 

White on white - probably not advisable if you're heading out for some vinos or on your period.  However if there's no alcohol or menstrual blood involved this can be a refreshing outfit change.  Furthermore it's likely that you already have two white pieces in your wardrobe that you can pair together.  As shown by Alexa it looks particularly fab if you complete the outfit with a pair of black shoes - perhaps boots or ballet flats? 


the lazy gal's guide to cultivating a trans-seasonal wardrobe

Anyone that knows me can attest to my extreme lethargy and laziness.  As a result of this I spend a great deal of my time devising ways to save myself any unnecessary exertion. One of the best solutions I've found is cultivating a trans-seasonal wardrobe.  I have ended up with far less clutter in my wardrobe - and in turn have to do very little tidying.  I've also selected trans-seasonal pieces that require minimal care (and effort).  The way I've done this is by choosing garments made of natural fibres such as: linen, cotton, and wool.  These fabrics are the best for layering and are machine washable. Below I've listed the five key trans-seasonal pieces. I've rated the comfort, versatility, and level of care required - fellow lazy gals, you can check this and gauge whether you can be bothered with said pieces.  Everyone's budgets are different so I've included high st, local, and luxury ready-to-wear options.  

1. an apron style dress

This should be a staple in every wardrobe as you can literally wear it year round!  Wear it with tights and a turtleneck in winter; a tee underneath in autumn/spring; and on it's own in summer. 

Comfort: 10/10

Versatility: 9/10 - you can wear year round! 

Value for money: 10/10 - because you can wear in every season you'll definitely get your money's worth 

Level of care required: Minimal - machine washable, hang up when wet and no ironing required!

below: Sister Studios apron dresses

Best places to purchase

high st stores: MUJI
price range: $70 - $100

local labels: Sister Studios, Bedroom the label, Kloke
price range: $100 - $350

2. Turtlenecks 

Turtlenecks are perfect for layering! I'd recommend ones made of merino wool - they keep you super warm in winter but still allow you to breathe!  Wear them underneath your favourite tees or button ups.  Add a coat on top for supreme warmth in the dead of winter. 

Comfort: 10/10 - can definitely accommodate a belly full of pasta and shiraz 

Versatility: 6/10 - you can wear in any weather below ~20 degrees

Value for money: 9/10 - although you can't wear in any weather, you will most likely wear them every day of winter - ergo you'll definitely get your money's worth.  

(also: merino wool lasts AGES - expect these bad boys to last you YEARS) 

Level of care required: Medium - chuck them in a delicate bag and put on the wool cycle.  Lay out flat to dry.  May need the occasional lint roll. 

below: various COS turtleneck sweaters

Best places to purchase

high st stores: COS, UNIQLO, MUJI
price range: $40 - $150

local labelsweathered (by incu), caves collect, Kloke
price range: $150 - $400

luxury ready-to-wear: Acne, A.P.C
price range: $320 - $900

3. nicely cut trousers

A pair of tailored, well fitting trousers is an absolute must in every wardrobe!  These can be dressed up or down extremely easily.  Wear them with a button up and loafers for job interviews; a graphic tee and sneakers on nights out; or with a turtleneck and boots to dinner.  

I'd recommend going for a polyester blend, rather than wool as you can still wear these in autumn and spring, as well as on cooler summer nights. 

Comfort: 7/10 - depending on how the waist is structured - go for elastic if comfort is your priority. 

Versatility: 6/10 - you can wear in most weather - probably give them a miss when it's over 30 degrees! 

Value for money: 7/10 - although you can't wear in ALL kinds of weather you can still get your money's worth in the cooler months.  

Level of care required: Minimal - machine washable, because they're synthetic they don't require SUPER frequent washing! 

below: COS trousers

Best places to purchase

high st stores: COS
price range: $100 - $200

local labels: caves collect
price range: $250 - $400

luxury ready-to-wear: ACNE, A.P.C
price range: $350 - $950

4. an oversized button up 

Oversized button ups are wonderful because they can literally be worn in every season! I'd reccomend going for cotton or linen so it's still breezy in summer.  You can wear them as a light jacket in summer; layered on top on turtlenecks in winter; and underneath your favourite tees in autumn. 

Comfort: 10/10

Versatility: 9/10 

Value for money: 10/10

Level of care required: Minimal - machine washable, hang up when wet and no ironing

below: UNIQLO linen button ups

best places to purchase

high st stores: UNIQLO, COS, MUJI
price range: $20 - $170

local labels: Bul, Alpha 60
price range: $170 - $250

5. boxy tees

I love boxy tees - especially ones with fun prints or graphics.  Again these can be very easily layered and are an easy way to accessorize.  They make great statement pieces! Wear them alone with any bottoms in the warmer weather.  In the cooler months you can layer them on top of turtlenecks and button ups. 

Comfort: 10/10

Versatility: 10/10 - can be worn in every season! 

Value for money: 10/10

Level of care required: Minimal - machine washable

below: Perks and Mini - graphic tees

best places to purchase

high st stores: UNIQLO, MUJI
price range: $19 - $50  

local labels: Perks and Mini, Kowtow, bul outlets, Kloke
price range: $29 - $150

luxury ready-to-wear: COMME des GARCONS play, A.P.C, WOOD WOOD
price range: $75 - $250

Above: Kowtow cotton poplin tops paired with button ups