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5 winter wardrobe essentials by chloe sevigny

Have you ever had an accidental celebrity style icon?  I have and it's none other than today's lady of the hour, Chloe Sevigny.  In late 2015 I resigned to the fact I could no longer afford to fork out the astronomical asking price of $70 for a haircut. I resorted to lopping off my own locks.  As well as giving myself the same haircut every boy in my primary school, my money making scheme lead to me shopping exclusively at Savers.  The result - I'd accidentally turned myself in Chloe Sevigny in the 1995 film that shot her to fame, Kids.  I'd acquired the same haircut by haphazardly hacking at my hair and the same clothes by finding decades old relics at my local thrift store.  The result was amazing - finally I'd begun to blend in.  For that I must thank Chloe and pay homage to her the best way I know how - an article about the ways I intend to continue mimicking her. 

knee high socks

I've always been apprehensive to sport this look, solely because it leaves my worst feature, fat knees, fully on display.  If you suffer the same unfortunate affliction as I you could upgrade the look to stockings.  Or you could say a massive fuck you to the world and don the knee highs and let your pudgy lil kneecaps see the light of day.  

above L-R: Burberry socks, Wolford socks, and Givenchy sock boots 

turtlnecks (worn underneath bomber jackets)

It's no secret I'm a fan of turtlenecks.  In fact I'd daresay they're the greatest garment of all time.  Both aesthetically and functionally there is nothing as wonderful as a turtleneck made of natural fibres (be it cotton, wool or silk). 

The bomber jacket is a wardrobe piece I always thought far too cool for me.  I'm scarcely a jacket person at all but I'm on the journey to delving into the world of leather jackets.  The bomber is a beautiful safe, gender neutral option.  Think of it as the gateway garment to dressing like a carefree fashionista.  

above L-R: Theory turtleneck, Burberry turtleneck, and Prada turtleneck 

slightly flared blue jeans

Gone are the days of skinny jeans only.  I for one could not be happier.  I'm still horribly haunted by the time my red skinny jeans ripped in front on a classroom full on 12 year olds in 2008.  So haunted in fact from that day forward I didn't dare adorn jeans again until the long awaited 'mom jean' revival in 2015.  

Chloe's slightly flared blue jeans are somewhat reminiscent of the Mom jeans, only superbly more stylish.  They have the flattering high waist of Mom jean yet add extra fashionista status with the more structured legs.  Revolutionary! 

above L-R: Victoria, Victoria Beckham jeans, RE/DONE jeans, and See by Chloe jeans

classic white button up 

The humble white button up - possibly the most trans-seasonal garment one can acquire.  Chloe demonstrates perfectly how to wear this spring/summer staple in the depths of winter - simply flaunt it with an extraordinarily warm coat over the top.  

In the thick of winter you sometimes simply need to wear as many warm layers as humanly possible.  For the days your a literal walking blanket don Chloe's fashion forward warm hat accesory.  It will fool everyone into mistaking you for a fashion forward binch, while simultaneously allowing you to stay warm and snuggly.  Furthermore the headwear is also perfect for masking a bad hair day. 

above L-R: CLYDE beret, Fendi turban, and Philip Treacy beret

fur coat 

In the depths of winter fur is your friend!  And no I don't mean faux, if I wanted that I'd go to my local Vietnamese joint.  I dare you to find something warmer and more comforting.  In the absence of your mother's hugs you can always turn to a dead, skinned animal for comfort.