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Have you ever had someone in your life that's had an incredibly momenumental impact on your life in mutliple facets, yet you've never met?  For me that's Maggie Rogers.  Maggie's charm - both aesthetic and aural, came into my life in the winter of 2016.  I, like millions of others, stumbled upon a video of Maggie presenting a song to Pharrell.  He was utterly bewildered and as fate would have it, so was I.  

I eagerly awaited Maggie's release of new music while simultaneously watching her journey through small squares on Instagram.  I was blown away by the synergy between Maggie's outfits and her breathtaking sound.  There was something so refreshing and revitalising about the way Maggie dressed.  I could feel that it was truly an expression of herself - something I myself attempt to achieve through clothing choices.  

One of the things I admire so much about Maggie's style is her penchant for supporting independent creatives and donning one-off pieces.  Not only is this a wonderful way to support fellow artists, it's an excellent means of divesting in fast fashion.  

I've taken a leaf out of Maggie's book and ensured the suggestions I've included are supporting artists who I admire and are pieces that aren't entirely void of ethics.  Where I've been unable to find one-off pieces from local designers I've included pre-loved designer pieces.  Although it doesn't support artists it's a positive step to contributing to fashion recycling.  

Blundstones & comfortable jeans

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 4.52.18 pm.png

My recent trip home to the mountains allowed me to remember the beautiful functionality and aesthetic profile of Blundstones.  In fact I was almost successful in smuggling my Mum's pair into my bag for the return trip.  After that failed attempt and after seeing how effortlessly Maggie sports them, I decided it's finally time to invest my own pair & stop mooching off my Mum.  

above L-R: Theory jeans, REJINA PYO jeans, and Miu Miu jeans

Anything Adorned With Tassles

My Post (5).jpg

Maggie's unique on stage looks often include colourful, glittery pieces adorned with tassles.  This is always such a nice reminder for me that first and foremost fashion should be fun & an exploration of your insides.  I'm excited to start sporting more tassles in the future and exploring my inner ethereal songstress. 

above top left clockwise: Chanel bag, Ulla Johnson jumpsuit, Proenza Schouler top, and Chanel loafers (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

above: Libertine 'social realist' coat

Matisse inspired shapes

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I have long loved Matisse's work for his exploration of the female form and portrayl of various body types.  His work has instilled a confidence in me that my own chunky figure is fine. There's something so appealing to me about creating and consuming wearable art.  I truly can't think of a better way to honour my favourite creatives.  The phrase 'two birds, one stone' comes to mind as I write this.  You'd best believe I am going to be sporting some Matisse shapes in the very near future to honour my two favourite creative (Henri & Maggie). 

above: Abbey Rich's one-off 'breathe' coat

Pink colour blocking + simple silver jewellery 

above: Maggie attends 2018 Brit Awards wearing VIKA GAZINSKAYA and Iria Ashimine

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There is something beautifully feminine about baby pink - especially when it's colour blocked.  It is such a simple colour that allows one to explore so many aspects of their self.  I love the way Maggie sports pink with simple silver jewellery.  The juxtaposition of the rosy, warm pink and cool, crisp silver is unparalleled. 

above L-R: Koche satin pants and satin top, REJINA PYO 'dylan' pants and 'nicole' blazer, and Brandon Maxwell crepe pants and crepe blazer

above: Maggie Rogers wearing various red and white outfit combinations. 

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Who'd have thought such a simple, timeless colour combination could make such a monumental fashion impact.  Maggie tends to favour pairing a white top with red pants - I've taken this iconic look one step further by adding a white top with a dash of red in it.  If there's one thing you should certainly learn from Maggie's style it's that colour coordination has the power to make a huge statement and complete a look

above - top left rotating clockwise: Maggie Marilyn top, Alexander McQueen pants, Stella McCartney top, and Chloe pants

I would consider red turtlenecks a staple in Maggie's wardrobe.  As a bonus in this article I've included some luxury fashion turtlenecks below.  Although these pieces may set you back a few pretty pennies initially, you'll end up saving money in the long term.  These pieces are made with quality craftsmanship from the most luxurious fabrics and as a result will last almost a lifetime!