michele lamy style

Michele Lamy Style Staples

Michele Lamy's style is eclectic, earthy, experimental, and essentially everything I aspire to emulate.  The designer, businesswoman, and life partner/muse of Rick Owens is so fearless and innovative in terms of style.  While it would be impossible to replicate her amazingly eccentric outfits there are certain key pieces of her wardrobe one could aspire to acquire.  A small sprinkling of Michele's magic has the ability to turn anyone into a fashion maven.


I suppose the same could be said for all of Rick Owens' creations, but I feel as though his headwear takes such unique shapes that it has the ability to change one's entire perspective of the accessory's possibilities.  

One of the most beautiful things about designers like Rick Owens and Rei Kawakubo is the playful proportions they utilise in their pieces.  There is something extraordinarily liberating about donning such an oversized, structured garment.  Although huge, playful proportions may take some getting used to it's an amazing way to explore a different side of fashion and build extra confidence.  Wearing such proportions also requires you to master the art of layering.  Not only will you look like a avant-garde badass like Michele, you'll also significantly improve your styling skills. 

above L-R: dress, skirt and pants by Et Al

more is less when it comes to jewellery 

Michele's first experience in the design world was opening a jewellery store in LA in which she sold her own designs.  It was through this store that she met her current boo, Rick.  

Chunky jewellery is the ultimate accessory.  It's an incredibly advantageous addition to your wardrobe as it allows you to create so many different looks with so few garments.  As we've already seen Michele tends to favour earthy, neutral tones - this are complemented with her super playful, super chunky jewellery which she often sports.  

above L-R: Slab XXL ring and Triple ring both by Seb Brown

exotic animal skin is the ultimate fashion statement 

The suggestions I've included below are from Pheobe Philo's final collection at Celine.  If you purchase one you can channel both the greatest creative director of all time, as well as the greatest fashion muse of all time.  

I love the idea of a pair of shoes that I can just clomp about it.  When I first became interested in high fashion I decided that if I was going to invest in expensive pieces I wanted them to unique and avant garde.  I wanted something that wouldn't be sported by every second normie instagram thot solely because of the large branding - e.g. anything Off White (sorry Virgil).  That is why Rick is the perfect fit.   A great deal of his eccentric shoes are multi inch platforms so they allow you to achieve extra height and prowess, as well as optimum comfort.