young thug winter style staples

Young Thug, Thugger, Jeffrey, SEX!!!, whatever you want to call him, his fashion god status is undeniable.  Since the rapper's rise to fame in early 2014 he's challenged many of the preexisting gender stereotypes within the rap industry.  Despite being from Zone 6 in Atlanta, arguably one of the most dangerous districts in the United States, as well as the birth place of trap music, Young Thug regularly dons women's clothing.  Thugger has a penchant for sporting ultra feminine dresses and skirts (or skrrts).  A characteristic of many of the 21st century's prominent male fashion figures.  


My reluctance to don a tracksuit stems from my hatred of sports luxe and its abysmal attempt at taking over the fashion world.  I suppose if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  It's a lot easier for me to concede when I see the heavenly trap father donning one regularly.  Need I even mention to optimum comfort and warm? 

above L-R: Chloe sweatshirt and sweatpants, Burberry tracksuit pants, and Gucci hooded top and track pants  

leather jacket 

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Although once donned primarily by biker gangs, leather jackets have made their way to the mainstream.  They are an extraordinarily popular garment in Young Thug's wardrobe - proven by how often he's spotted sporting them.  Leather jackets are a wonderful addition to any winter wardrobe,  I'd highly recommend investing in a oversized one so it can be used for layering.  There are an excellent form of outerwear for cold weather - serving as a well insulated, water proof outer layer.  

I'm sure I've lost the vegans already.  Apologies in advance if any herbivores are still reading.  The best way I can justify this to you is to offer the suggestion of purchasing second hand.  Think of it as a bourgeoisie way of recycling and release yourself of any guilt.  

If you're a meat eating megalomanic like yours truly, you'll realise there's little difference between fur & leather and make the purchase of a lifetime.  Fur is especially advantageous is super cold climates.  Is that London calling? 

above L-R: Sandy Liang fur coat, Rebecca Minkoff fur jacket, and Fendi fur stole (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:


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Thugger tends to favour neutral colours when it comes to turtlenecks.  He has a penchant for regular sporting ones in black, red & grey hues.  The beauty of a versatile turtleneck is that you can layer it with statement coats and pants.  They're perfect to layer with some of Thugger's other signature pieces such as fur coats & leather pants.  If you sport the trifecta, send me a photo so I can donate to your paypal.  

above L-R: Kenzo turtleneck, Paule Ka turtleneck, and Marco De Vincenxzo turtleneck (use my link for $25 off your first purchase:

Denim jacket

Thugger has been known to sport a wide variety of denim jackets - bleached denim, studded denim, denim adorned with patches.  Who'd have thought there would be so many variations of one garment.  Although the denim jacket is less insulating than the leather jacket, it still serves a purpose in one's winter wardrobe.  It's perfect for moving to and from venues that are exceptionally warm inside.  It isn't too bulky that you'll be bothered lugging it around for the rest of the evening.  

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I made an inexplicably idiotic mistake when I sported white jeans for the first time earlier this year.  For reasons unbeknownst to me I decided it would be appropriate to support an entirely white outfit in the throes of my period.  Not only that, it wasn't merely to run errands, it was on a ten hour bender. I'm still emotionally and socially scarred from the expected mishaps that inevitably occurred.  Thugger is the only fashionista in the entire world who could inspire me to give the look one last try.  If I can sport the strong look to honour our lord saviour, so can you. 

Find a pair of pants that keep you more insulated I dare you.  Sure you may need to utilise an entire bottle of Vaseline to put them on, but these pants are the ULTIMATE fashion statement.  Honestly I'd been so hesitant to try this trend because I thought it was reserved for green smoothie drinking, yoga studio dwelling, Kardashian klones.  Yet here we are, Thugger has completely changed my mind again.  If you have unforgiving pudgy thighs like yours truly, perhaps try a wider leg, culotte style, or embrace your thiqness.  It's your preogative and Thugger's will. 

I remember when I was in Grade 7 my art teacher told a scary anecdote about the power of colours, specifically red.  She claimed that she'd once taught a boy who'd experienced such intense anger problems he ended up being incarcerated.  She claims the cause of this was later determined to be the fact that his bedroom was painting red.  Upon reflection at the ripe old age of twenty-two I've just started to doubt the validitiy of this.  However it didn't stop me being to scared to adorn myself with red for a good ten years.  The way Thugger perfectly pulls off red with each of his outfits inspired me to invest in my own red hoodie and coat.  Needless to say I'm not yet in need of anger management classes, nor am I incarcerated.  Touch wood, if this does happen to change at least I can blame the hue of my garments, instead of taking personal responsibility.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love the 'wisdom' of high school art teachers?